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How to Use Video for Lead Generation

Using Video on LinkedIn

Using video on LinkedIn is a smart way to attract new leads. Make it part of your lead generation activity. We got advice from 30 Second Videos founder Maureen Kane. She joined us on The Next 100 Days Podcast.

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30Sec Video is a video production service offering the creation of high quality motion graphic videos to enhance brand presence and businesses on the internet.

Here’s Maureen after Graham’s false start at the beginning of the interview when he forgets her surname!

Video, Maureen Kane, Graham Arrowsmith, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Kevin Appleby

Maureen Kane – her background

Maureen has worked for 20 years in sales and marketing. In the last 5 years, she has focused more on content. By default, that was video. That’s because more and more clients were requesting video content to help them engage with customers. That’s when she founded 30 Second Video.

For the first 2 years she completed 2 minute videos. In 2017, the average was about 45 seconds and in 2018, they are doing lost of 15 seconds videos.

What can you say on a 15 second video?

A lot.

  1. Who you are.
  2. What you do.
  3. Why someone wants to work with you.
  4. What is the next action.

LinkedIn are recommending that videos on their sponsored ads should be 15 seconds.

Why use video on LinkedIn?

Use video to educate, attract and inform clients. And as above, if you want to attract new clients tell them who you are, what you do and why they should work with you.

Video, 30SecVideo, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Graham Arrowsmith

If you want to engage existing customers think about talking about what your new products are and what your new features are. There are so many reasons for you to create a video on LinkedIn.

Should I Add Videos as Posts or Ads on LinkedIn?

It depends on what you are trying to do. Maureen suggest you do both.

  1. Posts: Tips for business. Personal videos to show who you are.
  2. Ads: A more corporate style of video to talk about their business.

Posts are free, but you can target by job sector – targeting those who don’t post. Maureen calls them “The LinkedIn Lurkers” look but don’t touch. 🙂

25 likes might give you 2-3k views.

Should I make my own videos?

30SecVideo does animation and corporate videos. Use your phone camera, she recommends.

Do infographic videos, powerpoint videos. There are so many different apps out there.

LinkedIn video could be a good antidote to GDPR. If you’ve lost the majority of your email list, then here is a good alternative to market to important business customers.

A catchy 15 second vid is a great door opener.

How does the Call to Action Work?

It really depends. On LinkedIn adverts – they have it sewn up. You can have a LinkedIn lead collection box or you can drive responses to a webpage or landing page.

From a marketers point of view it is good to capture your leads on LinkedIn because you know who they say they are.

You can find out more about LinkedIn Video Ads here:

Videos, Maureen Kane, The Next 100 Days Podcast, LinkedIn Video Ads

Marketers and users are happy that LinkedIn fills in lead capture boxes for you.

Absent LinkedIn Video Ad collection, you would drive them to a sign up page or a landing page.

What Does It Cost For a 15 Second Video?

30SecVideo charges £250 for a 15 seconds video. The LinkedIn element could be around £350-400 pounds per month.

You pay per view, so it depends on what your objectives are.

There are other options. Pay per click.

How many people would see the vid? It depends on who you are targeting. The advice is to make it VERY NICHE.

I.e. Company Directors in the Square Mile of Glasgow VERSUS all Scotland.

From an investment of £500 Maureen expects 20 leads (information sign ups). Views are 4-5,000 then 20 leads with converts 5. So a cost per acquisition £100 a new client.

Use Vids in a LinkedIn Post

This is one of Maureen’s avenues for getting leads.

Showcase your work. 2-5,000 views per day. Typically, 5 to 10 leads from post vids.

Videos that do really well are about travel for example. You still have to make it or buy it.

You are advised to make a couple of good videos. Corporate vids are mostly animations. Business vids. It is about visibility. The most successful vids Maureen has run are animations for financial companies.

Advice is be professional, at least now and again.

Clip from The Podcast

Start with Powerpoint

Here’s a powerpoint video Graham produced a couple of years ago:

The latest powerpoint has a lot of animation built in. You can ad video and have transitions. Use your mobile phone.

If you have an iPad, use iMovie or a Windows computer MovieMaker.

Maureen uses Adobe Suite. It took her 2 years to learn. Graham recommends Camtasia.

Videohive is recommended by Maureen too:

You can buy a template there and then pay someone to edit it.

What Vids Should You Make?

  1. Who you are. The biggest challenge you’ll have is getting it down to 30 seconds.
  2. What do you do.
  3. Why should customers buy from you?
  4. Customer journey – meet John, John does this and that.
  5. Intrigue – 5 things you didn’t know about usand one more.
  6. Tips

The company message. A 30 second elevator pitch. What do they do? The challenge in corporate is they cannot decide.

If you know who you are, what you do and who you are selling to, then you are a long way down the road to completing your vid collection.

LinkedIn Vids – The Future?

They are adding emojis. God help us from them. But more helpfully, you can add subtitles.

They look like they are investing heavily.

Most apps on phone are making these emojis. LinkedIn also monitor the ads on their platform. Facebook less so.

What makes video a good investment?

Around 65% of people are visual learners. People respond quickly and remember your brand.

If you get caught up with a vid on LinkedIn, you are likely to recall what the brand does. They imprint messages really well.

But, get your video right.

The Mistakes? Don’t talk about the fact you are MAKING a vid.

Controversy – a good way to generate many shares and likes.

DONT MAKE YOUR VIDEOS TOO LONG. After a minute you might lose people for a marketing video. 15 second vids for lead generation – one a month. Go longer on your website.


Use the best thing first. “Holiday Highlights”. Graham mentioned his sales training started with an INITIAL BENEFIT STATEMENT. If you have a so what, then it shouldn’t be in there.

Dont forget to add a video to your profile.

Most clients turn up at Maureen’s door with a wrong idea. You don’t need to tell them everything.

Contact Maureen


LinkedIn: Maureen Kane


500k on YouTube, 10k views in one day on LinkedIn.

30 SecVideo is based in London. Maureen hails from Glasgow.

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