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A Calmer You with Jordan Sands

Jordan helps deliver a calmer you. He hails from Reading, moved to Liverpool and now lives in Blackburn.

Social anthropology is the study of human kind, how we evolved and how we come to be where we are now. How can this help business owners. He was a mental health worker and now is an NLP practitioner.

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What’s Social¬†Anthropology got to do with business?

Become a calmer you by living for the moment. Don’t live with regrets. If you are more aware of where we came from and our humble beginnings it makes it easier to put your concerns into context. By being aware it makes you more likely to become a calmer you. He helps people by walking around outside. Have you noticed that when you are in the great outdoors, you are generally more relaxed and can see things more clearly?

Jordan Sands was a Mental Health Worker

When he left mental health nursing, he wanted to use the skills he had acquired. He became a coach and studied social anthropology. It became obvious to him there was a link. The more he talked about their issues, reminding his subjects how special it is to be alive at this moment in TIME AND SPACE, he found that it lead to a calmer you.

His subjects wellbeing improved. This sparked something in Jordan. With so many links in both subjects, he started to combine the two.

He uses the phrase “this moment in time and space”.

Why? When you look at old the Earth is and the average lifespan, it is a tiny dot. A small speck of sand. This allows people to be reminded of the fleeting period we are all on Earth. Their issues are trivial relative to that.


People see the point. Say yes more, tell people you love them more. Be a calmer you.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming helps someone to be empowered to make changes in their lives. Like a tool-box. Anthropology is context and NLP is day to day tools to help them improve their mindset.

Maybe its the way they handle stress. Prioritising. Grounding. You tailor the tools to individual people. Jordan takes time to get to know the individual prior to helping them with NLP.

Does it Help?

Yes. There is lots of evidence it works. Jordan takes people out for walks for 4 sessions and this tends to break the back of their issues.

A walking talking session. 

The first thing is all about gaining trust. Jordan has noticed that his clients sometimes don’t share their real problems until the 3rd or 4th session. The NLP is introduced gently. Its about 2 human beings helping each other.

He has clients all over the country. With several people he does go outside. Ribble Valley, Crosby, Fylde, and the great county of Yorkshire.

How long is the walk? Normally, two hours. If he travels to Scotland, it might be a 4 hour session.

Is Kevin a Neanderthal?


Which Colours Do Our Eyes See More Of?

Have we got a calmer you, yet?

We belong outside. Listen to this – our eyes see more of the blue, browny/red and green spectrums than any other colour. These colours send your brain positive messages that releases endorphins. These reduce your blood pressure. They give clarity to the way you think. Take away stress and anxiety and produce a calmer you.

The moment that you step outside all this happens naturally. You belong outside.

Next time you are in a Dentist, Doctor or School, you may notice they’ve picked up on this knowledge. Their walls have started to turn green and blue and browny/red.

How do People Get to Know About Jordan?

Networking, speaking and LinkedIn. Jordan is a life-coach. He blends NLP and social anthropology. Then, he combines it with walking in the great outdoors. Prospects for his services typically react by saying “What a great idea!”.

He gives structured guidance, his clients keep fit too. His background is not business. People realise he is not a business advisor. To be successful, you cannot do that without a healthy mindset. This helps you make the best decisions for your business.

He helps people to become clear. Jordan helps clients to de-clutter their minds.

The Expert in Your Business is YOU

Maybe self esteem and confidence have waned. Jordan gives them this confidence back. He provides people with ownership. Owning their own decisions and lives. You lose self-esteem and confidence, when you feel a lack of control.

Kevin mentioned some NLP experts. Paul McKenna being one.

In the US, NLP is evangelical, but when it comes to practical help, it doesn’t feel like that. Ask yourself, how long does the positivity last, once you leave the auditorium with an NLP evangelist, like Tony Robbins.


His passion is to to get people to be aware of all this stuff to help people be contented as human beings.

In the next 100 days, what can we learn?

Think about how old is the Earth. The speed of light. How near is the nearest planet.

We hurtle through space at 115k miles per hour. The Milky Way is also travelling at speed too.

Everyday, these things make him more humble and mindful for living every second.


As far as Jordan believe the answer is Yes. But, not as someone living. Everything is made up of molecules and atoms. When we die, the vehicle we have lived in stops. When we decompose or cremated, those atoms can never be completely disappear, they transform into different entities.

Jordan offers retreats. Over a long weekend. A good example, is a cottage in a remote part of Wales. Dog friendly and child friendly. Informal, but with some structures to impart knowledge and learnings.

Does space end? No. It’s doubtful as a human race we will ever know. Jordan believes it is infinite.

Are Aliens Living Amongst us?


Contact Jordan Sands

An away weekend costs about £300. Friday night to Monday Morning.