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Mindset by Nina Szewczak

Mindset, How to Improve it and Your Results in The Next 100 Days

The Next 100 Days is a perfect way for Nina to discuss mindset to her business coaching clients. She is a business coach from Poole in Dorset. But originally, she was born in Poland.

Note: When we released this podcast there is pretty much 100 days until the end of 2018.

Nina Szewczak, Mindset, Motivation, The Next 100 Days Podcast


How to Pronounce “Szewczak”

Graham found it less than easy at first to master the right pronunciation of Nina’s surname “Szewczak”. Think Chef Chack.

Easy for you to say!

The Early Years

Nina left Poland 14 years ago. She took a 24-hour bus to London. In Poland, Nina gave up studying Environmental Protection Engineering, because it wasn’t where her passion was. Instead, she hopped on a bus, with the intention of taking up law. It was the absence of money and connections, which put paid to that dream too.

The one thing Nina did need was to be able to speak English. Her intention was to stay for a few months, but it’s been 14 years to date. Her English is probably better than her Polish she claims.

She remains eternally grateful to KFC who gave her a job. Nina couple this with afternoon English lessons and finished her KFC shifts at 2am. Another English mastery technique was watching films and putting subtitles on. She also bought a 500 page book and translated every word. Determination, that!

Nina Loves Learning

She progressed to be a manager with a different company. She pitched in at LEVEL 5, Diploma level. Deep end studying. Afterwards, Nina completed level 7 and Chartered Manager. Currently, Nina is studying Level 7 HR with CIPD.

A qualification treadmill. A learning mindset. All done to provide awareness that what she does day to day is right.

She has been working for a Cosmetics company for 13 years. As Nina progressed, she discovered a passion for leadership, management and developing people.

A Mentoring Mindset

Nina finds it easy to connect to others. She is talkative. That includes being interested and curious about others. Combine all that with getting passionate about things and you can see the formula Nina has for attracting.

Business Coach and Strategist

Goal Diggers By Nina Szewczak. This is Nina’s business. She helps female entrepreneurs to realise their business goals through leadership and mindset coaching and mentoring.

Her focus is on teaching practical tools, that can be applied in business situations. Theory is lovely, but she prefers to put things into practice.

Not Gold Diggers, instead Goal Diggers. Helping people achieve goals. Her target market tends to be 25-40 year old females.

As much as anything, Nina helps her clients to be clear minded about next step decisions. Mindset is pivotal to her value.

Nina helps people get clear on things

She explains that the internet is a massive source of information for business entrepreneurs. But, it’s also overwhelming. Nina helps by assessing the progress her clients have made. Then, she looks for the gaps. She removes the noise to help focus on pain-points and break things down to a step by step process.

Does Nina use a timescale?

Nina has bought into the Next 100 Days philosophy, because she knows that it works. She has tried it.

The Next 100 Days

Nina advises You with these questions:

  • How am I going to maximise the next 100 days?
  • What do I want to achieve
  • What actions can I take?
  • Which parts will have biggest impact
  • Clear your head, get a piece of paper, write it down
  • INDULGE in your planningso that by the time Big Ben rings out on NYE, you can say “I smashed it!!”

Work on your business for next year. Plan for the first 3 months of 2019, now.

You can achieve anything in the next 100 days.

Business Change

Kevin highlighted that most of his projects are about 3 months.


A Woman’s Best Self

It’s again about mindset. If a woman has self-limiting beliefs, or they a fearing things. Instead, it is about KNOWING what you want. And I’m going to go and get it.

To achieve the goal, I will collaborate, get help and take all the steps to create the life that I want.

The planet has lots of opportunities to create the life we want. Figure out what you want in your life. Live in the life your want.

Hear is Nina’s answer.

How can you maximise everyday and look back on your time with pride?

You don’t know how much time you have. Make the most of your lives AT ALL TIMES.

Nina works with 3 different female mentors

She surrounds herself with excellent people. They are all specialist in their own fields. Marketing, craft messages to customer, Sales, very much selling focused, and a Spiritual leader, doing things with love. She also has a male coach. Her master. He taught Nina learning and development skills.

Without the people around you, where would you be?

Life is about learning.

Humans have different gifts. By collaborating it is a clever strategy for growth.

What is planned for Goal Diggers?


How Does Nina Teach CONFIDENCE?

Through coaching and experiencing things. Her own journey learning how to speak on stages has helped her. The first thing is deciding you want more confidence, then get out of their comfort zone, but have someone around you to help. A coach. Allow the subject to feel the step is ACHIEVABLE.

And the key thing is SMALL STEPS. The coach needs to hold hands with you.

What will Characterise Your Next 30 Years?

Nina would really love to know that she has tried to achieve her goals and has done her best.

Nina is a big advocate of Solutions Focused Practice

Listen to Andrew Gibson’s podcast with us.

She uses OSKAR. Outcome, Scaling, Know How, Affirm and Action, Review.

What would she want her ideal outcome. Where am I now. On a scale of 1 to 10 where am I now? What got you to your present score? What can I do to get me closer to my goal. List the existing skills. The little seeds of the big picture. What can you do for the next steps? What will be my next small step? How can I get involved to get there?

Once achieved, you can review and plan the next step.

DONT FOCUS ON YOUR WEAKNESSES, there is more power by building on your strengths.

Be specific. How am I feeling?


She was supposed to talk about mindset, but she gave the clearest exposition of The Next 100 Days. Thank you for that. And it was about mindset too!

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