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Masterminds with Ronan Leonard 

Use Masterminds to Improve your Productivity and Accountability

Masterminds, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Ronan Leonard


Although Ronan lives in Australia, he was born in Hitchin in Hertfordshire, England. He still supports England when playing Test Cricket in Australia, but you couldn’t put a fag paper between his accent and that of a naturalised Aussie.

What are Masterminds?

The most popular definition comes from Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. Hill said ‘when two or minds come together they create this third super mind.’ This mastermind is always better than the collective thoughts of two people.

Ronan told us that the Impressionist Movement came about through masterminds. They would sit and discuss painting in Parisian coffee shops. They collectively forged a new way forward for artistic painting.

Masterminds, French Impressionism, The Next 100 Days Podcast


A Programme for Masterminds

Ronan has developed a programme for to help small business owners get involved.

Check out his website – click on the image.

Masterminds, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Ronan Leonard

He connects small business owners into a mastermind. There they hep each other with advice and goal setting. Effectively the masterminds are crowd-sourcing everybody’s intellectual property and experience. So rather than saying this is what you must do, everybody has an opinion.

If you were struggling with internet marketing and SEO, you could pick and choose from the experience and insights of others in a supportive environment. No one-guru on the the hill.

He also teaches subject matter experts to become their own mastermind hosts themselves. A lot of people are in a niche and don’t know how to show other people what to do.

Ronan helps people teach to their particular niche market.

Danger: Blind Leading the Blind?

Because it is peer lead, effort is made to match people in the mastermind. It is about different perspectives. It combines discussion on mindset and productivity too.

Holding each other accountable is powerful. Who keeps the small business owner accountable?

Are you being a busy fool? Are you spending time on things that are neither important nor urgent? Ultimately, committing to an action weekly is a valuable resource.

What do they look like?

They tend to be quite diverse. Copywriter, Graphic designer, Safety harnesses, others are industry specific?

How does Ronan make money from this?

He curates and facilitate the groups. There is a framework around the groups. It is not particularly new.

The framework builds a muscle.

It is only when you get into the groups. Then people open up. It is a space to have a deeper level connection. It is the only sounding board to have a real conversation about their business. Someone to listen to your problems.

How do you get people comfortable enough to open up?

It takes a few weeks of sharing and being vulnerable. They try and attract people to give.

They help build up trust quickly. Talking off line.

Ronan builds into a platform 5 minutes of wins, goals, what are you grateful for. Also sessions where you just talk. No interruptions. Space to


Ever watched people talk in a cafe? The other person doesn’t wait. They have got their answer. They are ready with a solution. Not listening.

Who joins the mastermind groups?

All parts of the world. Timing is geared to participants and their respective time zones. Different people, different parts of the world.

Ronan has developed his own custom platform. A little like Zoom. Web RTC.

Traditional people tend not to understand Masterminds. Like, Virtual CFOs. That person can craft the right content for the people involved in the mastermind. They perform differently to courses, where 85% do not finish them. All content little context. How do I apply it? The mastermind allows you to;

  • curate their content
  • Share it with people who want to learn
  • have a discussion about it
  • join the dots
  • this is the context
  • the learner helps the curator to develop their material.

You get far more interaction with the course builder.

A Mastermind Course Hack

Dont build all your content upfront. Your audience will tell you what they want answers to.

That way you will curate and share content that they will absolutely love. It is what they really want.

Still prepare a module or two. But send questions and build to what people want to learn.


For subject matter experts they almost know TOO MUCH.

How do you solicit the real requirements of the cohort?

For some industries it differs. There needs to be facilitation of the training. Great teachers exist and there are terrible teachers.

It’s like asking the cohort which areas of content to focus upon. It is different for everybody. People are paying for an OUTCOME. Its not about time for money. Its about outcome.

Ronan teaches about thought leadership. Showing not telling. Help other people and become that niche authority.

How does Ronan help struggling businesses?

A lot of small businesses have never had outside help. Peter principle. Promoted to point of incompetence. Similar. Get to the point of your incompetence.

Masterminds open you up to uncomfortable areas, gradually.


Purpose and belief – people start businesses for money, but most have a WHY. Your why gets you through the tough times. Mindset changes through hearing the story of others in the mastermind.

Mindsets for making money – no-one said you have to think SMALL. A kiosk business versus a chain. With the right people in the masterminds, you can see and feel change.

Marketing mindsets – business amplification. The green glasses concept. Imaginary glasses. You see opportunity EVERYWHERE. You allow yourself the opportunity to transform your business.

Abundance – mindsets for abundance – Ronan reframes people about thinking and scarcity. There are infinite possibilities. Seeing possibilities everywhere. A statement to write out their own truths and their scarcity mindsets. Then over time breaking down these beliefs. See a bigger world of possibilities.

99% of Your Problems Have Already Been Solved

Mindsets, Masterminds, Ronan Leonard, The Next 100 Days Podcast

There aren’t that many new things. Repurposed content. Extrapolation.

To answer where do I get my next customer from? Someone has already done it.

Don’t you love that suit and tie? Am I wrong? 1970s…

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So, How did things go for Ronan on The Next 100 Days Podcast?

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