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Conversion Copywriting

Bry’Ana Gage is carving out a career in conversion copywriting. At the tender age of 20, she is mastering the concepts of copywriting. Noticeably, Bry’Ana, who hails from Louisiana, in the Deep South of the United States, is surrounding herself with gifted copywriters. This bodes well for her clients when she I engaged in conversion copywriting for them.

How Cool is That?

Okay, it was probably because we had a young person on the show, that I was tempted to showcase how cool I was for having a new iPhone XS, but as you’ll see in this video, coolness needs to be earned…


Bry’Ana Gage – the Youngest Person Ever on N100D?

At just 20 years of age, Bry’Ana Gage from Louisiana, US, becomes the youngest person we’ve had on the show. 

And she has her own website. Click on this image to go there.


Bry’Ana likes Gumbo and Crawfish

Gumbo is a Louisiana thing (thinker than soup, thinner than stew) and Crawfish, well just look at the images!


Conversion Copywriting

The basic idea is to get someone to act. Persuasive writing. She focuses on the tech industry. Which is helpful, because Bry’Ana always wanted to be an astronaut. Her passion is in Maths and Science. 

Conversion copywriting is a measurable form of copywriting that uses voice of customer data, persuasion techniques, all to get someone to act, or sign up for something.

What to ask when trying to understand your customer’s voice

When conducting a survey, depending on how long Bry’Ana has, she tries to get people who LOVE the product. The product can do no wrong. She’ll also find customers who left the product for some reason, maybe they found something better to use. Plus, customers who just recently sign up. 

She wants different opinions. So her clients can recruit different types of customers. So, she is looking for each of their different opinions.


Write grammatically correctly or as people speak?

It depends on industry and age group? If your target market uses slang, then you use slang. Continue the conversation already going on in their mind. You understand me. This firm is using my words.

A young brand, write to them in the way they converse.

Bry’Ana focuses on landing pages and email sequences

Bry’Ana writes value-packed personalised emails.

With an upset email sequence, depending on the type of brand personality. In her SAAS market, she aims to help customers to understand what is in it for them IF THEY TAKE THE NEXT STEP.

In software, with features, you can take one email and focus on one feature. Describe it in a way that tells a story that your audience desperately wants to believe.

    Segment your emails

    Ask questions to allow value-packed information. Allow people to self select the information they would most value.

    Persuasion techniques

    • Scarcity – time’s running out, get it quickly before the offer is withdrawn, sign up before it runs out, tax season…

    Are you building your SWIPE Files?


    Already, Bry’Ana has her swipe file set up, to capture good and bad subject lines.


    Heat Maps – can capture their actions

    These pick up your scroll history. Where you stop on websites, where you ignore. You can see what copy stops people continuing.

    Hotjar –


    TESTING – there is no perfect website

    You can always test, A/B testing, User testing. Ask users what emotions they got from headlines. Listen to feedback.

    Length of copy? Depends again. Bry’Ana spoke about 1 2 3 ‘scrolls long! That’s a useful thought.


    Bry’Ana is self taught.

    She has learnt from a group of copywriters. She felt part of a community. Those writers stimulated her passion.

    Bry’Ana lives in the country. Cows are her neighbours. Her neighbours are known for their great cooking.


    3 TIPS

    1. It’s NOT about you. It’s about your customers. So write for them. Even if you think you know your product, how do your customers interpret your product?

    2. Listen. BE QUICK TO LISTEN AND SLOW TO SPEAK. Some business owners think that they know it all in terms of their product. They might be surprised that it is different.

    3. It’s OK if something doesn’t work. Its about test and learn.

    How to find more about Bry’Ana?


    But, get to her quickly, she’s thinking of becoming an astronaut! Watch out for her book too.