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WhyPay and Wonderful with Elliot Green

Wonderful, isn’t it. Getting stuff for free.

Elliot Green does this with WhyPay. He’s their Head of Communications. On top of that, Elliott is also the Ambassador of Buzz for Wonderful. Wonderful is a way for charities to raise funds without middle men deducting up to 7% of the monies raised.

Wonderful, WhyPay, Free Conference Calls, Raising Funds, Charities, The Next 100 Days Podcast

What is WhyPay?

So it doesn’t cost you any more than you paying for a landline call. Which would be covered by your mobile plan minutes. Free, then.

Whypay has a strong network team. They figured out that they would have a strong network with up to 100 callers on one call. So why pay for something that you can have for free?

Other Benefits

Out of box features. A strong web application. Scheduling is strong, calendar management, organising conversations. Also call recording for free. They limit the call recording expires after 7 days.

In 2019, they are starting to suggest why not pay for things you might want and be prepared to pay for. There are lots of providers for web conferencing. So they will compete with Zoom. They want to bring new features unseen by other providers.

They are thinking of white boarding. The future now.

What’s the catch?

It’s their most frequently asked question. They have articles on their site. Elliot wrote this article in their help section:

They act a bit like a telecoms network and get a fraction of a penny per minute for all users. This money comes from BT.

Just to confirm they don’t bill you, they don’t have their own payment platform.

The cost is offset against your package minutes, because they offer an 0345 number. Unlike some providers who use 084 numbers (which includes an access charge).

Wonderful, WhyPay, Free Conference Calls, Raising Funds, Charities, The Next 100 Days Podcast

WhyPay is making it possible for us to work differently

They help us all NOT TRAVEL.

The change in tech is so fast, but if you can keep a close eye on communicating effectively, you can bring benefits to your business. Can you do more days at home? Can some meetings be held by conference call?

There is a big carbon footprint argument for what WhyPay is doing. Climate Change is real. Even the useless Mayor of London, Khan is going to tax Uber and other private cabs in London. And I’m even thinking of buying a hybrid or electric car!

Save money, Save Time, Good for the Planet. 50% of the workforce will be Millennials in 2020. They are used to communicating differently. More remote is possible.

Elliot is a Cyclist

He’s all for reducing emissions in London. A growing sport and leisure exercise. MAMIL = Middle Aged Men In Lycra.


The founder of Wonderful is the MD of the WhyPay business. He was tasing money on a fundraising platform. Only after he’d done so, some of the money raised was going to the platform. This was a shock and so they started to think of ways to do this without the cut. The cut of up to 7%.

The answer was corporate sponsors. They get the benefits of CSR. It is a core part of the business.

Wonderful is a fundraising platform where 100% of the funds raised goes to the charities. They have a queue of 500 charities trying to sign up.


Don’t pay a cut to a Middle Man

Fundraisers are saying they dont want the funds they raise go to a platform middle man. Wonderful leverage corporate social responsibility.

If you are a business, you could fund a local charity with £2k. That’s ok. Alternatively, if they gave the £2k to Wonderful, they would be able to leverage that way more. So, the £2k would underpin a much bigger set of donations.

Nothing from the donation. Nothing from Gift Aid. 100% of the funds are paid to the charity.

Both fundraisers and donors are so receptive to the proposition.

Reference: Marketing to Millennials – Clare Taylor

Ask this Question

CSR Sponsors? What do you want to Support?

Fundraisers? Do you want 100% of the funds raised?

Visit:Wonderful, WhyPay, Free Conference Calls, Raising Funds, Charities, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Elliot’s Ambition

To keep doing what he is doing. Remote working. It allows flexibility to contribute to WhyPay and to the Non-Profit at the same time. He wants Wonderful to grow.

Contact Elliot

Sign up to WhyPay – create a conference room. Have it as your own personal room. When anyone calls in, they will only pay what’s available on their free minutes. Use it for prayer groups.

And finally

I mentioned being in a 37k crowd at Elland Road for the match against West Bromwich Albion. The game finished in a resounding 4 nil win for Leeds United. Want to see the first goal?