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Idea Time Membership with Dr Jo North

Idea Time is a membership site for Business Owners

Dr Jo North re-joins The Next 100 Days and discusses her newly released Membership site, Idea Time.

Idea Time, Membership Site, Dr Jo North, The Next 100 Days Podcast

In a world where content is king, attention spans are becoming ever limited. Against a background of an abundance of FREE, Jo has launched an ideas membership site you pay for. It is content rich. She offers personal one to one as part of the membership too. Look out for Idea Time Membership. Could you be one of the first entrepreneurs to sign up?

It’s true isn’t it, that your business is deep and gritty. So, any advice you get or want, especially advice worth paying for, needs real expertise. You want the kind of expertise that Dr Jo North has in spades.

Another thing, if you are a consumer of information, don’t just be a “baby bird”, taking the FREE stuff, commit to something! Jo advises you to go past the superficial free level.

Idea Time, Membership Site, Dr Jo North, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Free Information

There is good information out there. So much information comes out in good blogs. The downside is this free stuff only takes you so far. Your attention is short, so we consume content at a superficial way. In business, it is important to get under the skin of problems.

Jo thinks the free stuff is good, but it only works at a superficial level.

Are the claims being made out there for magical BLUEPRINTS really that truthful and actionable?


How Well Qualified is the Person Giving You Free Advice?

It’s a good question. How much exposure have they had to different types of business beyond their own. The wider the experience, the more likely they advice giver is going to have things in their tool-kit to help you.

If you are busy, it is important to step back and take a look at yourself. Can your margin be improved? Or, can you eliminate feast and famine?

Idea Time Membership

Daily 10-15 minutes of directed content use. Use your time wisely. Make what you consumer, personalise. In the membership site, there are different ‘roadmaps’. Jo helps curate resources and is a sounding board.

Jo is offering a ONE to MANY service. Jo’s involvement helps create accountability.

There are several paths through the membership.

Surround yourself with Different Age Groups

The sandwich generation was discussed. Younger people can help you keep current. But, don’t ignore the people with relevant experience.

Content is really important, blogging. blogs and even podcasts.

No BS Inner Circle

Graham mentioned that he has been a Gold Member of the No BS Inner Circle for around 5 years. It is one of the paid ways, that Graham stays in touch with leading marketing thinking, in particular thinking about direct response marketing, lead generation and marketing to the affluent.


Book: Jo recommends you look at

Daniel Priestley “Key Person of Influence”

Daniel Priestley, Jo North, The Next 100 Days Podcast


All the content helps you create assets for the business.

Jo has completed the draft manuscript of her own book. She gives her best thinking for free. People will see that and think that the content in the membership site will be awesome.

Mini Transformation

With free stuff if you can provide a penny-drop moment which will encourage sign ups.

How much does membership cost?

Annual Membership £378 plus vat includes

  • quarterly one-to-ones
  • innovation roadmap
  • 360 degree feedback
  • foresight online

But no trip to Barbados. The offer of a coffee in Ripon, North Yorkshire though!

There is a monthly subscription option of £42 per month, with less access to Jo.

Her aim is to do a good job. This is new and people are joining all the time. There is a forum within the membership site. There is a private coaching area too.

So, if you are a bit stuck, or you want help mapping out a path for your strategy, then check out

Jo want to help you achieve MORE than you thought was possible. You’ll also get to know people through the networking capability. Jo has certainly got a clarity of thought.


Write to

Mention you heard this podcast and Jo will extend a further 10% off the £378 plus vat!

The next 100 days podcast is brought to you by Kevin Appleby and Graham Arrowsmith

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