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Authority Marketing with Graham Arrowsmith & Kevin Appleby

So how come we’re discussing Authority Marketing in this week’s podcast? Well, Kevin was reading Daniel Priestley’s Key Person of Interest and noted that one of the ways to achieve influence was to write a book. This triggered Kevin to recall previous conversations where we’d discussed the importance of writing a book.

Borrowing a phrase from a confirmed future guest, Adam Witty, today we’re talking about Authority Marketing.

Authority Marketing with Graham Arrowsmith and Kevin Appleby on The Next 100 Days Podcast

Are you positioned as an Authority in your marketplace?

What market am I in? Graham starts the podcast by inviting Kevin to share what market he is in.

Kevin has struggled with this question. As a management consultant, Kevin typically goes out to help clients solve a problem. He will normally do the financial modelling and write the business case. When Kevin goes into situations demanding his services, the host organisation rarely or never has the right information.

This leads to fetching up data on activity and performance. Kevin thinks through the benefits and how to measure those benefits. So what does the finance professional really need to have his head around? It is not JUST the accounts.

So, once Kevin finally decides on the specific market he is addressing, he (and you for yours) must decide WITHIN that market, are you the AUTHORITY?


Adam Witty talks about Authority Marketing. He uses a pyramid of

Pyramid of Authority by Adam Witty

Kevin got fixated on selling of the book. But, it is not about selling the book as such.

Adam talked about Tom Antion – an internet marketing pioneer and entrepreneur. Who said to prospective clients…

“Google my name and be sure to pack a lunch!”

Tom Antion referred by Adam Witty's article on Authority Marketing


Have you googled your name?

Google "Graham Arrowsmith"

2 Levels of Media

There are 2 types of media. Adam Witty details:

EARNED MEDIA – where you are featured on other media sites.
SOCIAL MEDIA – FB, LinkedIn, Twitter – here today, gone tomorrow. An algorithm tweak and you are no longer there.

You cannot rely on social media ALONE to build your authority. Earned media usually means you need a good PR. Radio, TV, trade magazines, where your opinions and guidance, makes you an attractive individual from an authoritative point of view.

Do you have a personal brand and company website?

That is the site where Kevin should develop his PERSONAL BRAND.

Kevin Appleby Personal Brand Website

Are You Blogging?

It’s a good way to bring people back to your site. Writing for your audience means letting them know you’ve written something. So write to them, invite them to read your work.

Who is your avatar? Write to them. You want someone like your avatar, to become to a customer.

You do not want to chase people. Chasing is demeaning. Do you do proposals? Graham admits he does do proposals, but is reducing the time spent to creating them. Having authority in your industry means people will be coming to you wanting to work with you. So your time is spent working out whether you want to engage and how best to engage for them.

Back to Kevin’s Target Market

He’s a management consultant. Who should he appeal to? He markets to the public sector? Does he have a headline that drags people into his site?

By the way, this isn’t just about Kevin’s website is it?

Kevin happens to have huge authority in the public sector. He doesn’t want to remodel his site just about the public sector, because Kevin wants to move away from selling his time. Instead, Kevin wants to promote other ways to engage with him. But, with authority in that market, he will have the best chance to achieve his ambitions.

Can Kevin Write a Book About Consulting in the Public Sector?

Can Kevin get a ghost writer? A former journalist for example? The cost of the person writing 15-20,000 words, chunked out with images – 70/100pp. You would do the outline, the stories, the ideas, the things that make you different and authoritative. You would get the book printed and artworked.

Self-publish. You can make money from books. Imagine you are 5 days away from your next big meeting within the public sector. You send them your book, to position you as the authority in the public sector. Don’t be the guy with powerpoint.

Kevin thought of 2 questions (because he wants to go down the course route.

What is the book about?
Who is the book being written for?

Adam Witty’s Authority Assessment

Click on this image and go take the Adam Witty Authority Assessment…

The Authority Assessment


How did you do?

Now more about Kevin’s question

What’s the book about? In Kevin’s case, his avatar has particular challenge and search, find Kevin and his book addresses the known issues. He will write the book on the range of issues.

Who do you write to? This is really the first part. The people who turn up on your site, who you help. They have found me and understood what I do. I address the person who wants my solution. For Kevin, it is not nurses or doctors, but a particular type of individual who manages budgets, finance and operations.

Feature your book as a giveaway.

The marketing of these books falls right at the centre of your marketing activity. Would Kevin get £5k from one single engagement? Yes. So, with people coming to you, you would be a different entity to the one you are now.

Use the book, to raise your authority to sell more of what you do and want to do.

Tips on Writing the Book

“Don’t get in the way of the person who knows how to write better than you.”


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