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The Graham Arrowsmith 60th Birthday Episode

Co-host of The Next 100 Days Podcast has just had his 60th Birthday. We recorded this special episode on the day. The original intention was for Kevin Appleby and his wife Ruth to join Graham at a getaway venue right next to the beautiful Menai Straits in Wales. Events conspired and so we recorded the podcast with Kevin still in Northumberland.

Graham invited his family to join him to discuss their lives. We hope you enjoy this little bit of self indulgence, and laugh along with Graham and his family.

Graham Arrowsmith at 60, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Kevin Calls This The FIFTY TEN Episode!

Very funny, I must say! And it didn’t take long before it all went horribly long (hopefully not on the podcast)!

Any tips for Graham on being 60, beyond “Graham eat less”, will be welcomed on our Facebook Group

Graham was speaking from Telford House next to the Menai Straits. Here’s some images.

Graham Arrowsmith with a 60th Birthday Card from Kevin Appleby

Graham holding the 60th Birthday card sent by Kevin Appleby

Telford House, Menai Straits
Menai Bridge built by Thomas Telford

Interview with Graham’s Wife Dawn

Graham and Dawn have been married for 34 years.

SHOCK REVELATION – Graham loves Leeds United!

Here is an image of Graham waiting to go into Elland Road for the first home game of the season against Nottingham Forest, which thanks to another corrupt referee finished in a 1-1 draw. As per, he got the kick off wrong, so they were there early! Hence the car park being empty – no jibes needed, thank you.

Graham Arrowsmith loves Leeds United
Interview with eldest son Luke Arrowsmith

Luke works for Claranet and discusses retailers struggles with digital transformation.

Interview with one and only daughter Sophie Arrowsmith

Sophie works for High Net Worth clients as a family lawyer for Lupton Fawcett in Leeds.

So, if you are thinking of parting company with your other half, then you can get in touch with Sophie at Lupton Fawcett. And 4 in every 10 marriages fail.

Interview with youngest son Nathan Arrowsmith

Nathan is married to a Brazilian called Luana. Her family has also joined us from Brazil at our event in Wales. Nathan is currently a Windows Engineer for UK Fast in Manchester. Kevin thought he sold double glazing for a living!

Graham also announced Finely Fettled‘s 5 Year Anniversary. Just in case you know someone who is looking for High Net Worth data and a direct mail campaign to attract them – send them to Finely Fettled!

Kevin was an only child. Graham talks to his brother.

Interview with brother Malcolm Arrowsmith

Malcolm Arrowsmith is Graham’s elder brother. He was a teacher for 38 years. Both mainstream and special needs.

He intends to travel to Uzbekistan in September 2019. He wants to follow the Silk Route by train and car. What a journey that’ll be!

Interview with Sarah Daniels, my brother’s step daughter

Sarah is a teacher in Nottingham. She loves gigs. So does Kevin. He likes Kaiser Chiefs – Leeds fans. Sarah went to the Download Festival – a friendly well organised day.

Don’t tell her what I said about Tamworth, whatever you do!

And finally, here’s Weronika Niszczyk (Nish-chik)

Weronika Niszczyk recently graduated from Bradford University. She came away with a First Class Honours Degree. Graham worked with her on her dissertation. He was so impressed with her he offered her some work experience. So for a few weeks, Weronika is project managing several things which needed to get done! Weronika starts a new position with PWC in Bradford in mid September.

So there you have it. Family and friends coming together. All there to say a Happy 60th Birthday to Graham.

A Toast With Thanks to PlatinumHPL

A big thanks to PlatinumHPL and Andrew Croad and his partner Kathryn. Andy (who works for PlatinumHPL) and Kathryn did a gin tasting for us.


A Message to Our Listeners

Thank you for indulging me for this episode. It was kind of you to do so. Cheers!

The next 100 days podcast is sponsored by Linked Professionally and is brought to you by Kevin Appleby and Graham Arrowsmith