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You Need to Be an Author to Have Authority In Your Market

The author of the book Authority Marketing, Adam Witty, joins The Next 100 Days Podcast. This episode follows on from the Authority Marketing episode we recently did.

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Authority Marketing with Adam Witty

This is Adam’s book.

Authority Marketing Book

What is Authority Marketing?

Everyone knows what authority is. It has been used for centuries. In the past, authority would have come from your title. King Kevin Appleby, has a certain ring to it.

Nowadays, authority is created by the expertise you have on a topic.

“Authority Marketing is the strategic and systematic process of positioning yourself as a leader and expert in your industry, in your niche or in your community”

You want to do this. When you have authority it positions you ABOVE all your competition.

Being an Author Positions You ABOVE Your Competitors

Learn the 7 levers to pull to build your authority

One is not more important than another.

  • Branding and being everywhere – how do people see you? Do you have an authority or commodity or me to brand? Everywhere you look someone is talking about you.
  • Content marketing – the more high value content the more it builds your authority – like writing and publishing a book, an article, white paper, host a webinar.
  • PR and media – people don’t believe what you say about yourself, but what other people say about you, especially the media.
  • Speaking – sharing your expertise with others, in person and on a stage.
  • Events – when you host an event, you become the person that everyone comes to see.

All these result in:

  • Lead generation and referral marketing – as a business owner, your job is what do I do to bring new customers. The more authority you have, the easier it is to generate leads and referrals – customers brag to their friends that they work with you.

It’s Hard to Spell Authority Without AUTHOR

Hands down, becoming an author is the most effective authority marketing strategy.

Nothing builds authority more quickly.

When you write the book, all the other pillars become easier.

This 3 minute video is the best rationale ever for writing your book.

Are You Saying to Yourself “I Can NEVER Write a Book”?

You may be saying I’m not a good writer. What would I say?

OK. How long have you been in business? Several years? You are a world leading authority on the subject of what you do. That’s a lot of experience.

The first thing is people do need convincing they are worthy. You must know your stuff.

Thought Leadership is Your Most Important Weapon

You choose to buy from businesses because of a person. Not a company. Maybe it’s even a connection to a person. Like Steve Jobs at Apple. People buy people.

So, what is your WHO? If it is high, you’ll capture more customers. Do people care what your opinion is?

How do you become a thought leader?

Obviously, thought leadership and authority are similar. None of us are created all on our own. We have learned from people who have walked before you.

And it’s true for everyone on earth. So, take your body of knowledge and craft it to make people care what you think.

Take your canvass and wrap it up in a way so what you have to say matters in your industry. Most industries can sustain lots of competitors, so plenty of space for your business.


Adam Witty is everywhere in authority marketing. This elevates you in the minds of your target audience.

People buy with emotion and justify with logic. You as the entrepreneur is responsible for your personal brand.

Write Your Book – Who Do You Go To?

Dozens of options. So in that category, Adam could become a commodity. He realised being an Author is critical. He became an authority on becoming an authority.

Author – where do you start?

Who is your target market? Don’t write for an audience that doesn’t exist.Write the book that their customer or prospect wants to read. What is their TOP PROBLEM?

So, have a well defined customer avatar. Write a book for a specific avatar. Not for several. Unique books for unique markets.


Adam Witty, Author, Authority Marketing, The Next 100 Days Podcast

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