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Matt Clark – The Rainmaker System

We’re recapping a topic we’ve talked about lots on the podcast: LinkedIn. It’s a brilliant platform for networking and we’ve had some great speakers on the subject. Today, we have someone who might take this a step further – Matt Clark – with the rainmaker system.

Matt Clark on the next 100 days podcast, talking about the rainmaker system

Matt’s company is called the Virtual Edge and they’ve created a programme called the rainmaker system. This is all about how to gain 2-5 high value leads per day, from LinkedIn…without paying for ads.

So, what were the beginnings of the rainmaker system?

  • First of all, what is a high value client?

High value is all about it being B2B, anything above $2000. For Matt, he wants to be the most effective he can be, with the time and energy he is putting in. It’s about working smart.

  • Typically, what are the products or services Matt’s clients are selling?

A huge range. Coaching, consulting, advisors; construction and IT services – it’s all across the board. However, Vital Edge is now putting an emphasis on coaching, consulting and advisors.

Matt helps shut out all the noise and get more leads. The more people you can have a dialogue with upfront, the more people you can bring value to.

Is there a way you can regulate the amount of leads you get? Matt says, how much you put in is how much you’re going to get out.

A bit of background…

Matt started out in door to door sales in the UK. For him, marketing was very new. When he came back to South Africa he started selling door to door again. But, what he wanted was more leverage; to do something where he didn’t need to go door to door, all day every day.

He has gone down the road of Facebook and being Google partners. All of that works but there’s a massive learning curve and it changes all the time. If you’re a master now, in 6 months time everything will change. Matt knew how to create a network with people and build a real relationship fast; he wanted to somewhere or something that would help him do that.

Matt’s introduction to LinkedIn

Like most people, Matt knew he needed to be on LinkedIn and created a profile. You add friends and family and then you never look at it again.  Then, he decided to look at it and dig deeper. As he started doing that and work with and connect with people, he realised there was more to be done. This is because the traction was amazing and he was receiving lots of engagement.

Working one on one, however, wasn’t; scaleable. So he had to create a different method whereby people could get the same results, if not better results, but in a much more leveraged way. That’s when Matt and his team created the RAINMAKER SYSTEM.

What can be done to make LinkedIn work? …and why do people not make it work?

First of all, you need to answer questions. What’s the product or service or training; why is it being provided; who are you targeting; what is the outcome?

When you’re dealing with LinkedIn, you’ve got to remember that it is a tool that will give direct access to the people you want. What you need to be doing – which is the difficult part – is ask the questions that help you get laser-focused on who your client is. This client profile needs to be based on the one that’s going to give you more bang for your buck!

Then, you need to create your pick-up line. This is usually where you’d have “MD of Virtual Edge” or something along those lines. The problem is people would think ‘what on earth is Virtual Edge?’ It has no relevance to them. Break it down, make it clear what you do – offer the promise and value of what you can do and not the job title or jargon.

Essentially, think of this:

  1. What’s the problem you’re going to solve?
  2. What value can you deliver?

Here’s a useful formula:

The two main things Matt finds entrepreneurs struggling with are these:

  1. Their idea client
  2. The message

As a result, it is these things that you should focus on and get bang on.

Next thing? Your profile…

Now this one is something I think we’re all guilty of.

Man in Black Jacket

You need to turn your profile from an egotistical profile that centres round you, into a client-centric sales page which focusses everything on your ideal client.

It’s got to be about their problems, their struggles, their fears. As a result, you can show them a solution – a step-by-step process – that will help them reach their goals, desires and aspirations.

With a call to action, have video testimonials.

So you see, there’s a structure to this profile. You want people to go and look at your profile as a sales page. As they scroll, take them on a journey with sections that qualify and disqualify people. Ideally you want them saying “yes, yes, yes” so that, when they get to the end, your profile has done all the work for you! It then gets exciting when people start messaging you and engaging with you.

How do you make LinkedIn zeros to heroes?


Don’t rely on referrals

One of the things that stood out for Graham was Matt’s claim that you can stop relying on referrals, found on his webpage Virtual Edge.

Is that because your LinkedIn makeover is generating more engagement?

Yes! Consequently, you don’t need to rely on referrals. Your profile is doing some hard work for you. What’s even more exciting is that if you have any crappy clients, you can fire them and just get new ones!

Typically, we rely on our good work to speak volumes for us and get referrals in consequence. However, you can get stuck with that. You’ve got to be thinking about how to keep the pipeline open and drawing people to you in different ways other than referrals.

  • Build your personal brand.
  • Make yourself wanted.

How do you spend time on LinkedIn?

Matt talks about spending 20 minutes a day on LinkedIn. But, who would you use that time?

Virtual Edge recommends an hour a day to make a power hour. This is if you want to grow your business and make leads. You want to be:

  • Making connections
  • Asking for endorsements
  • Sending out messages
  • Make a post, article or video at least once a week
  • You also want to be endorsing others, so that you can ask for endorsements

The only thing that’s going to differ is how much of those things you do in your hour…or 20 minutes. However, consistency is key. Build into your day and make it part of your mindset.

It sounds like a heck of a commitment but it’s also a great way to generate sales.

Inspirations behind the rainmaker system and Matt’s business

Having leverage as the basis of Matt’s business – rather than trading time for money – gives Matt the opportunity to genuinely give value and be flexible. He gets to travel a lot and do talks all over the world.

The next 100 days podcast is sponsored by Linked Professionally and is brought to you by Kevin Appleby and Graham Arrowsmith

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