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Digital Marketing with Kaye Kaur

Today we’re delving into the world of e-commerce and digital marketing.

Kaye Kaur on the next 100 days podcast with hosts Kevin Appleby and Graham Arrowsmith

Why K2?

Kaye’s initials are KK, her husband’s initials are KK and her in-law’s initials are KK. ‘K’  seems to be lucky letter! Also, Kaye comes from the North of India where there is a mountain called K2. It all linked very nicely with her tag line:

“Taking your digital to new heights.”

How did the business come about?

Kaye has two children, 9 years and 12 years. She wanted to reinvent herself before she got too old and took a digital marketing course with digital mums.

As a social media manager, she gained experience in different things and found out what her clients wanted and added those things to her services…such as e-commerce. Initially, Kaye taught LinkedIn. But now she’s concentrating on e-commerce too.

A spider of networks

Kaye has clients with a variation of needs and strengths and weaknesses. If they need help with SEO, she’s got a top SEO expert for high-fliers. She’s also in contact with a middle-of-the-road SEO expert for those who need a cheaper price, etc. She has a spider of networks to help in her services.


Moving from major firms to working for yourself…

After having children, Kaye was bored of beignet home. She wanted a new chapter in her life. She wanted to discover the world anew. The best thing about this new subject and work is that Kaye can wrap it around looking after her kids. She can reply to emails while waiting for them to come out of school, for example.


A certified social media manager? What does that mean? Well Kaye did a 6 month course on social media management course, and her campaign was on English wine. Fancy!

LinkedIn – the first things to consult on

Welcome to LinkedIn glass sign

  • Kaye would have a look at the client’s profile and see how active they are and what things need ‘fixing.’
  • She would talk about them about their career, and what sort of customers they are looking for.
  • She would go about creating a plan to help the client strategically attract the type of clients they want, as well as keeping their profile in line with their brand.

Graham says it’s very similar to Matt Clark’s strategy – his podcast can be listened to here.

LinkedIn training is an important thing because of the volume of people who are on it. Some people use it as a newspaper, some people use it to market their services. But MORE people could be marketing their services. These social media platforms are networking sites.

Be active; build a relationship; build a brand.



Kaye talks about the initial overall solution (the strategist) and develops a brief for the e-commerce developed/builders. She gets the leads in through social media and is involved in the project management. E-commerce is wanted for training courses and for apps (for example).

When you’re creating content for your social media, they should be personal and conversational.  Kaye says friendly + professionals = effective. This even goes for copy on your website.

Instagram can be used for overall bank awareness but wouldn’t fit all sectors….not financial advice for example. Your content should be fun and engaging. Likewise, TikTok would be for brand-building.

Do we really need websites anymore?

If you’re a modern entrepreneur and B2B, there’s the chance you can happily get enough leads from LinkedIn if you are active enough. It really depends on your business and the advice your’e given by a professional digital marketer.

If you want to get to know Kaye Kaur more, you can find her website here, or connect with her on LinkedIn here.

If you want to get to know the hosts more, follow through to Graham’s business site or Kevin’s here. You can also find them on LinkedIn here and here.