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Being a Spiritual Health Coach with Donnalynn Riley

When exactly would you call in a Spiritual Health Coach? Well, more often than you might think. Donnalynn Riley lives in Massachusetts, USA.

Spiritual Health Coach, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Why Would Anyone Need a Spiritual Health Coach?

Business is hard. Day to day business problems grind on your spiritual health. Dealing with your spiritual health is a way you can make exponential progress. You don’t get caught up in all those things that swamp your time and get you nowhere.

You have proper perspective. And that’s why you would need a coach for your spiritual heath.

Worked Up Through The Ranks

Donnalynn worked through the ranks of a large furniture company. She grew the business. But the first years, she didn’t have the spiritual tools she has now.


What is Spiritual Health?

It is defined differently. It depends on the training of the coach. Some have a basis in Christianity, and other religion. Others have agnostic approach. Donnalynn has a practical approach:

“Spirituality is awesome if it serves me.”

She brings a practical approach to deal with people’s anxiety and worry, or whether its a serious negotiation that you dont know how to get through.

But, aren’t you really a business coach?

Donnalynn helps you get farther faster.

Who needs these services?

A lot of businesses are focusing on doing things online. The Chinese Virus has accelerated that trend.

Often, she works with entrepreneurs. They are trying to get things going. A couple of pieces of bad luck and it can lead to bitter thoughts. Cranky behaviour.

Donnalynn tells the story of her past. Where she found these issues in her life.

So, a board member would show up every day and harass Donnalynn’s staff. During that period, she was ineffective at impacting that person. It didn’t do anything.

It became a great sticking point. What helped. Donnalynn did work on herself. She didn’t beat herself up with the nasty words that came from this individual. In her 30 minute drive to work. She disassociated herself from the situation. In 2 weeks she practiced the techniques.

A colleague spoke to her. What has happened? Now, they think you are the Bees Knees, even though they are still on all of our cases. What had Donnalynn done?

Staff Training

Donnalynn trained her staff in the techniques. It helped them control THEIR environment. Without having to demand of everybody.

By controlling yourself, suddenly the world behaves differently!

And so, Donnalynn explains that there are lots of techniques that will allow you to disconnect from the stressors in your world.

The techniques include:

  • meditating
  • breathing practice
  • visualisation practice

Donnalynn does not recommend a journaling practice. It’s ok when you work with someone, as it helps you to see things in a new light. But, journaling by yourself is just repeating the same thing over and over.

Kevin asked how did she do this in her car?

The actual technique Donnalynn used for her own situation was a forgiveness process.

Most of the forgiveness work is SELF FORGIVENESS.

That’s because, you got yourself into the situation and people will use that to really BEAT themselves. And you can’t get anywhere when you are beaten down. Particularly by yourself.

That means, when someone is an aggressor, they have no impact on a spiritually sound. You believe in your actions and dont have doubts. But, when the difficulties become real – inside – then you are in trouble spiritually.

A lot of her work is about creating a space for people. Often, we’ll go from awareness to adaptation or action really quick. This is a problem, I should fix it. But there is no space in there. So, when you do create that space. Suddenly, something changes in the assessment of the situation.

What’s required here, is the ability be SIMPLY BE NEUTRAL. So, you might visualise that person’s face in a neutral state, not in the approving state that you would like. That’s because it is about disconnecting those problems in you.

Your Aggressor Doesn’t Realise They’ve Changed

The issue is not the outcome. But, how to get there. They see you differently. Maybe, they are still unhappy, but they laugh more. You are all on the same team. Donnalynn is sorting attitudes.

Is it exhausting?

For the most part, you can do it for 5 minutes per day.

You do it because you won’t get the win you want unless you change. Corporates, in Graham’s career, he needed a few things fixing. So, what would you do in 5 minutes.

One of the reasons Donnalynn works with entrepreneurs will take responsibility for themselves. Corporate less so.

5 Minute Practice

Take on a breathing practice. Something simple. Just breathe simply, deeply. For 5 minutes a day. Do it with intention. Let go of thought. When a thought comes to you, “thought, I’ll get to you later”. At some point your brain can power it down. Breathing oxygenates the rest of your body too.

Find a space in yourself that can be called upon at other points in the day

Calmer and more aware of yourself.

In the next 100 days, you’ll need to switch tools as you transit between states. The biggest thing that’ll impact, is to create a new perspective on the process of transformation.Take a practice that makes your brain quiet. By a lake. Notice the beauty around you. Do that and embrace a system of transformation.

  • Be AWARE and do nothing. No judgmental awareness.
  • Have an ACCURATE assessment. Don’t get into real trouble before you need to be! Do I have enough for TODAY? This puts you in flow.
  • ADAPT and take ACTION.

It’s a repeatable system to get through every day.

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