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A Pocketful of Kindness with ‘Big Ian’

Kindness is Ian’s main focus when it comes to writing books. Especially this one. A pocketful of kindness is a book written for people to appreciate people. To think “what has kindness done for me? And how can I help somebody else?” This is Ian’s third book to date which was also wrote accidentally during lockdown.

Ian Donaghy

Ian’s only wrote this book for one person and one person only, and that’s you, the reader. It has a very intimate one to one feeling to it. As if you’re sitting down with Big Ian himself having a cup of tea together.

Time to Not Take People for Granted!

After the year we’ve had, people are starting to realize that without the people rolling their selves up, they’ve got nothing. Without the people working hard they’ve got nothing. Ian says the time has come to not take people for granted but to appreciate people, and the time has come where we’re all starting to realize that we need to thank people for all the hard work they do. Especially in such a difficult period. 

The Jordan Legacy

The Jordan Legacy is found at the back of each copy of ‘A PocketFul of kindness’ which is a charity set up by one of Ian’s friends, to raise awareness for suicide. He includes a short story about it in the book as a message to be kind to yourself as well as others. Suicide should never be an option and Ian’s book can definitely help you to see that. The whole idea is to stop people and get people to have a think and talk to someone. It’s on every book so that Ian can get that message out into the world to spread the kindness which is incredible.

Get your copy of ‘A PocketFul of Kindness’ Here

The book features true stories about Sir Bobby Robson, Barry McGuigan and many selfless people you will never have heard of but will want to meet. With stories celebrates nurses, care workers and the power of community showing that not all heroes wear capes.

a pocket full of kindness

Donaghy’s two previous books have been sold all over the world. Dear Dementia was put on the Books on Prescription List by The Alzheimer’s Society.


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