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Introducing Charlie Beech, Sporting Coach


Charlie Beech is a sporting coach in business and a full time rugby player. He works for the worlds number one business coaching firm and has also played rugby all around the world, starting at 6 years old.


Charlie Beech sporting coach

Sporting Coach to Business

Before becoming a Sporting Coach, Charlie started out by playing rugby when he was just 6 years old. He began playing local counties in Bedfordshire before playing for England’s Under 16’s. That got Charlie a Rugby scholarship at a boarding school. Charlie was able to play all around the world with rugby but he soon got sick of it being his full time job.

One of the board memebers when Charlie played for Leeds Carnegie owned a Wealth Management company. He had gone for an interview but unfortunately didnt get the role. Instead he got introduced to the senior partner of Action Coach in York and Leeds and started his journey with him.

A Clear Vision

Charlie has started to help sporting people move into buisness, using their sporting skills. The key thing to do is have a clear vision. If your a business and don’t make it clear at the start what exactly you want doing ,then nothings ever going to get done right. A clear vision is key.

As a sporting Coach, Charlie has different ways of seeing things. People learn in different ways. Some a visual learners, some a physical. It can be as simple as changing the way you present the information. Very few people turn up to do a bad job.You just need to give them that direction. That clear vision.

Mentors, Trainers, Consultants and Coaches

mentors (as Charlie would put it) have. been there and dont that. You can lean on the for experience and they can show you where the pitfalls are. Mentors can show you where a safe path is.

 Training is where someone will come in and do a course on a certain area to work on and improve your skills. Then they will leave an you have to impliment it yourself.

Consultants are people who come in and have a look at where your business is. They will tell you what they would do to change it and give you a plan.

Coaching is where you go in and speak to the owner and see where you can add value but whilst making them think for themselves. Sometimes it’s easier for people to see problems from an outside perspective and putting that idea above their head.


If any of you would like to get in touch with Charlie you can find him on Linkedin and at Action Coach.


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