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Ethical Business and Brand Growth with Jen Bayford

Jen Bayford, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Growth Animals joins us on The Next 100 Days. Her role is to talk to clients regularly throughout the duration of their projects, discussing the right plans to grow their business.
















A normal day for Jen includes: planning with customers, chatting to prospective clients, and finding out how we can help them sell more.

How Did You Come Into The World of Marketing?

For years Jen worked in marketing for luxury beauty, skincare, and fragrance brands until she joined Goodwood and Chris team. Funnily enough, she didn’t get the job she originally applied for. She met Chris for a coffee and despite him telling her he wasn’t sure about Jen’s forthrightness, she impressed him enough to secure her place at the assessment day.

Jen got a call saying she had not got the job. A week later Chris had worked his magic and had created the same role for Jen. Working on brands that her luxury experience and creative traits suited far better.


The Right Approach for events in COVID

Jen and the team have created podcasts and channels to find out how other people have shifted during 2020. They want to see other creative ways people have been continuing to brand build in a year like this. Instead of looking inwards at a situation, look outwards. What areas can you still focus on? In what ways can you help the community? Brand building in a recession is imperative.

Growth Animals

At growth Animals, Jen prides herself on “not knowing the answer”. She and Chris have 20 years of Marketing experience but what makes Growth Animals different? Jen could say “these are the audiences you should be going after, this is the message, this is how you will reach them”. But unlike other consultancies where they ask the client in 18 months if it works, they test their strategy really quickly. They test their theory with digital marketing which makes them more reliable.

Digital Marketing at Growth Animals

Currently, Jen has been working with a Vine Yard not far from Goodwood. Over the past 4 years, they have been merrily selling their sparkling wine. They haven’t done any strategic marketing however they’ve managed to do really well. The company decided to invest its estate as a destination. So they have tasting rooms being built, accommodation, activities. This is where they needed to grow their brand beyond English sparkling wine as they enter the tourism market.

Their plan was to target different audiences depending on the propositions they were offering. Growth Animals came in and devised a strategy with them using data they already had from their website and social media. This made some semi-fictional customer personas. They were mainly hypothesized because it was their feeling of what these people might be interested in. They used their digital marketing and tested which of the semi-fictional audiences they were right about. By the end of it, Growth animals could tell the vineyard exactly which audiences they should back and which to invest more in and then scale to that audience.

To find out more about Jen and how Growth Animals can help market your company, Click here.



Kevin Appleby is the Business Accountants Mentor and is COO at GrowCFO. He also hosts the GrowCFO Show, a podcast dedicated to finance leaders. You can get in touch with Kevin directly here.


Graham Arrowsmith hosts on the next 100 days podcast

Graham Arrowsmith runs Finely Fettled a marketing consultancy that helps businesses market to the affluent. Additionally, he is about to launch a new business called Meet Professionals, which introduces people looking for financial advice to Financial Advisers.

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