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The Accountancy Speaker

Mark is a Chartered Accountant but he has never fitted the stereotype. His reputation within the accountancy profession has resulted in him  speaking at dozens of conferences and seminars. Mark speaks to varieties of crowds such as accountants, lawyers, financial advisers, other professionals and consultants.Mark lee, accountancy

Previous Career

His experience as a presenter dates back to his teenage years when he first started to build his confidence in fr

ont of audiences. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1982 but has long stood out from many with a similar background. Headhunted twice he was a partner in two top firms of accountants.

Over the years Mark has worked with, written for and addressed audiences of thousands of accountants. More recently he has also been applauded for his online presentations and the way he still engages the audience.


His career spans more than 30 years. During that time, he stood out as a top accountant, a frequent financial commentator and one of only a handful of accountancy qualified magicians. He is now treasurer of the world’s most exclusive magic society, The Magic Circle. He is also deputy treasurer of Norwood, a top 150 charity, a member of the ICAEW’s member and commercial board. Regularly, he is asked to judge industry awards.

For some years Mark was a self styled ‘Immediate Futurist’ addressing audiences of accountants about what the future will hold. But he didn’t predict the pandemic and now focuses on the other topics long associated with his name.

Remembering the Message

Mark always shares simple analogies and acronyms to help highlight many of his key messages. Unlike other speakers, whose talks may be enjoyable but are also forgettable. Mark ensures that his audiences can recall his advice.

For many years Mark has been a popular go-to guy for comment and insights regarding the accountancy profession. As well as a regular judge for accountancy related awards ceremonies.

In recent years Mark has developed a framework containing 7 key principles that are relevant for accountants who want to STAND OUT. The principles are key to generating more work as well as to helping accountants ensure they are remembered, referred and recommended.

There are many elements underlying the 7 key principles and Mark draws on these when mentoring clients. In addition to more than 700 items on his own blog, he has had many more than 200 practice focused articles published. They have been viewed well over ONE MILLION times.

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