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The Solopreneur Survival Guide with Heather Thatcher

Joining us from Canada, Heather is welcomed on The Next 100 Days to talk about her Solopreneur Survival Guide. Whats that you ask? Look below to find out as Heather explains her 5 steps survival guide.

Start of her Career

She started her career as an ICU nurse, working in a critical care environment. Heather soon noticed the main reason people found them selves in the ICU were from illnesses and diseases linked to chronic stress. She knew she needed to get into the proactive side of medicine to make a true difference. This lead to her first business which was in the stress management healing space. After a number of people went through her program, people began reaching out to Heather to help them with their own online businesses. Thats where the Solopreneur guide was born.

Before long, she was really diving into her messaging strategy that she was using and teaching it to other people. Thats what the transtheoretical model of change is the foundation of. The theory is based on people moving through 5 different stages of their readiness to take action. With the beliefs and readiness of change in each of the 5 stages. What Heather does is look at the beliefs that the person has in each of the stages and the strategies you can use to help people move forward.

5 Stages

Pre contemplation

This stage is where people don’t even realise too much about their problem yet. Depending on which problem you’re trying to solve for people, this is the part of the process where they have their head in the sand. The message Heather would use in that first stage would be similar to step 2. If somebody’s in that early stage, they’re not really looking for solutions yet.


In this stage of the guide, the person is starting to build their business, look for new ideas and piece things together. The most important message you can create in this stage is to help them understand what their problem is. That they can fully understand what that feels like on a tangible and emotional level. Heather also says to make them realise they don’t want to stay stuck anymore.


In this step, if you’re brand new to business and you want to do everything yourself and be everywhere online, you need to learn how to. You need to put your content up in a strategic way. Webinars, 5 day challengers, opt ins can work well for people. Lower cost offers are a great way to prepare people to buy from you. Once you deliver immensely on a low cost offer, they’re keen to see what’s coming next.


This is where your ready to take action. All entrepreneurs need to manage their impostor syndrome. They need to work with their inner critic and negative voice that might be holding them back and keeping them from making that bigger step. In this step, the key is to manage the mindset.


When you’ve created some change, you have to keep maintaining it. Taking care of that change you created for yourself. At this stage of becoming an CFO, your all set to go, it’s the maintaining what you’ve created.

Want to learn more about Heathers survival guide? Check out here website here where you can learn more, book a call or listen to her Podcast.


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