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Green Investing with Entrepreneur Anthony Evans of the WARS Group

If you are thinking about green investing? Consider WARS Group, a company whose mission is to create a truly global brand that is synonymous with sustainability, high-tech, innovation, green and ethical thinking. This week’s podcast features Anthony (Tony) Evans with colleagues Winston Higham, Spencer Burnham and commercial partner Roger Fenwick from Mantra Capital.

WARS Group, Green Investing, Anthony Evans, Winston Higham, Spencer Burnham and Roger Fenwick

Build Back Better

The current Conservative government has published their Build Back Better plan. The plan sets out the scale of the ambition for the green industrial revolution and will see the government invest £12 billion with the expectation that the private sector will deliver another £42 billion of investment. This investment will see the creation and support of up to 250,000 green jobs in the economy.

For High Net Worth Investors, looking for an investment in this space, then WARS Group appears to tick the boxes you should consider. Naturally, always do your research, and part of that is to listen to the ambition, skills and logic presented by 3 WARS Group board members and their commercial fundraising partner Mantra Capital’s Roger Fenwick.

Anthony Evans – the lynchpin

The person that has brought all the contributors together on this week’s podcast is Tony Evans, He exclusively revealed on the show that he is no longer CEO, and that title now rests with Winston Higham. Tony remains as a director and founder.

Winston and Tony have had a tumultuous 6 year relationship. There is real respect there. Not least because Winston has a very strong commercial background, working for Dave Whelan and Mike Ashley. Together they both share a belief about what needs to happen in society.

Spencer only met Tony last summer (2020). Tony wanted to buy some land from Spencer. In the end, Spencer was offered a role in the WARS Group. It escalated very quickly. This is very much the way with Tony Evans. He does not let the grass grow!

We were also joined by Roger Fenwick from Mantra Capital.

WARS Group Future

If you’ve been considering green investing as part of your portfolio, what do you think to this strategy, as explained by Tony Evans? WARS Group brand represents things where DISPARITY exists. This presents an opportunity to an entrepreneur. The WARS Group will attempt to tackle the following 3 areas:


Winston Higham – the new CEO and what a past too!

Winston worked 30 years for Dave Whelan (“a smart cookie”)and later Mike Ashley. Two great entrepreneurs. Dave Whelan was chairman of Wigan Athletic FC and ran DW Sports and JJB. Winston learnt an awful lot from Dave and brings that knowledge and passion to his new role at the WARS Group. In this next clip Winston says a few words about both Dave Whelan and Mike Ashley.

Winston explained that he was aware of companies with huge numbers of packaging cardboard boxes, just set fire to them. Not good at all for the environment. You can see why he is so committed to getting this part of the WARS Group right. In a commercial company, with responsibility for profit and loss, every penny counts. So, whilst in his previous retail businesses, being ethical had to be baked into their strategy. Because they were competing against others without the same ethical standpoint.

It’s not just about recycling, the WARS Group want to help people eat properly. Winston spoke about the frustrations with regard to obesity. They want to help people at source. The goals of WARS Health are:

WARS Health, Winston Higham, Tony Evans

Spencer Burnham – Waste & Recycling

Green investing is really important to people. Investors want to know that the businesses they work with, invest in, do things naturally to protect the world. And make money. Listen to Spencer explain his role and the work WARS Group do in this crucial area.

Tony added some clarity on the way WARS Group will recycle materials like tyres and single use plastics. The residue that comes from burning these items at high temperature will enable the dust to go into their asphalt product.

Investment Opportunity – WARS Group want to raise £25 million in Equity

When it comes to green investing, the investor wants to know whether the business is ethical, has products that improves the lives of people and the infrastructure of people. WARS Group certainly ticks those boxes. So what is the opportunity then?

– WARS Group wishes to raise £25 million in equity (shares) from High Net Worth investors.
– Shares are valued at £10 per share (as at 14 April 2021)
– There is a limited number of shares available.
– They anticipate that the share will grow in line with the business plan.
– The Price Earnings calculation, based on a couple of test sites (Daventry and Preston) – is 6.

Their numbers are certified and insured by indemnity insurers.

Roger Fenwick – What does he say to investors about WARS Group?

Roger spoke of Tony’s unconditional belief that this is the right thing to be doing.

If you are a bank or an adviser, this ticks a CSR agenda. Corporate Social Responsibility.

WARS will develop with a good mixture of assets – property, inventory, receivables, plant and machinery. This sets up WARS Group to grow. As the business grows, the assets grows. As the assets grow, the funding line grows. This creates a circle of cash flow. And it is this that allows WARS Group to invest in a second site, a third site and the rest. The more regionalised this business is, the more it will be hitting its agenda. In effect, with regional sites, WARS Group can eliminate inequality that would exist from just having one site.

Roger thinks WARS Group has a genuinely good story that investors will buy into, as it hits three agenda items – and as the balance sheet develops it will be attractive to funders because of the good asset mix.

NOTE: WARS Group will be selling the shares themselves. Rather than paying commissions to organisations who place share business. So, if you are a HNW Investor and want to get in on the ground floor, then act soon and get in touch with Tony.

The Future – Waste Recycling in Every Town in the Country!

Listen to that passion. An amazing future awaits this group.

WARS Health

67% male obesity in the UK. 20% of kids are obese. WARS Health – they’ll get in the high street and change lives.

WARS Group – post pandemic

The 3 focuses of WARS – roads, health and waste/recycling. Each of them are relevant to all of us. take a look at the number of potholes in the UK right now.

Potholes in the UK


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