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Creating Brand Advocates with Andrew Deutsch

Andrew Deutsch focuses on turning your consumers into voracious advocates for your brand.  A brand advocate is someone who loves your brand, products, and services. They don’t just love them though. They buy knowing your value then shout your praises to the world as they buy again and again.

Where Did The Name “Fangled Tech” Come From?

It came from a punchline of a joke that stuck. Years ago, the name of Andrews company was “The Deutsch Group” and was based in Brazil for many years before coming back to the states. Someone who didn’t want to compete with him in the US, registered the trademark and unfortunately Andrew hadn’t done it.

This lead to him being sued for using his own name and decided not to pursue with it. One night, he was hanging out with some old friends and they said “if you’re going to rename the company, what are you actually going to be doing?” Andrew explains that he’s a strategy first marketing consultant. They joked by saying ” oh, so you’re going to do some of that new fangled marketing.” Andrew replied ” no, where the real deal. We’re not going to be old fangled either, we’re just going to be fangled. And we laughed.

The next day, Andrew jokingly introduced himself as Andrew from fangled and the customer thought it was brilliant. So, Andrew took his word for it. It then became the name of the company.


Andrews Primary Proposition to the market

Most companies are limited in their thinking that they want to convert all of their customers. Andrew bases his strategies on how you convert anyone that would ever come in contact with your business. Some of the most powerful advocates that you can have are folks that don’t do business with you, can’t afford to or ready to. People don’t do business with companies, they do business with what those companies represent.

From the guy who you hired to landscape your property, to the people in head office, everyone in that building is part of the marketing team and part of the brand advocate movement. So as you develop your strategy with that in mind, it really expands your ability. The reality is, brand advocates are far more powerful in bringing new business than any other marketing campaign.


Converting every touch

It starts with the internal employees. Getting them excited and letting them know what’s in it for them and the future of the company. It’s also how you reach out to the market and truly understanding what the market wants, needs and demand. As well as its pains, challenges that need to be resolved and how you differentiate in a way to go after them in a positive way.

For example if somebody called and wanted to do business with most companies and you didn’t have the product or offering that would satisfy there needs…end game you’re done. No, we teach companies how to help that person find the right solution if you don’t have. This is because they will think “wow what a great company. They could have sold me something I didn’t need but instead they decided to help me find what i was looking for”. At that point, they become a great advocate for the business when they tell people about their experience.


The Customer Process

At the beginning of any engagement, even if he believes he knows their business, is what they call the discovery phase. In that, you want to see, first of all, do they know who their customer really is. What are the challenges, pains, desires and the things that need to be solved. Secondly, they don’t typically understand what are the differentiators and the benefits of their business what matter to that customer.

They begin with the client, interviewing their top customers who bought on a regular basis, then interviewed companies who split between them and other suppliers and they get a list of 20 companies that stopped doing business with them over time. Andrew then does an analysis of all of them to understand their desires, why did they choose. So they got that data.

Interestingly, when they looked at how that company was promoting itself, they were just promoting things that they had to do to be in business.

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