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Get a Customised CRM with Pieter K de Villiers of Macanta CRM

Getting a customised CRM (customer relationship management system) sounds ideal for many businesses. Especially if you are quite small and wish to avoid the feature creep of larger branded CRMs. Here you build your customised CRM just as you want it.

Macanta CRM is a no code platform that allows businesses to develop their own customised CRM around their business process automation. All without hiring expensive developers!

macantacrm, the next 100 days podcast

MacantaCRM, Pieter K de Villiers, The Next 100 Days Podcast

No Code

If you think about building websites, as an analogy. When you build websites, you can use something like Wix, which is drag and drop, user templates, but you don’t have to know how to write HTML code or CSS or anything to create the website.

Macanta CRM does exactly the same for business process automation and customised CRM. You build your own interface, task management, and the alerts that your business needs. All without needing to know how to write code, but essentially build a custom piece of software in the process.

For those of you who have come across Elegant Theme’s Divi WordPress Theme, it is similar to Macanta CRM. In the back of Divi you are writing code, but with a graphical user interface.

Whatever System You Want

You can choose to either do it yourself or a guided set up. If you opt for ‘Guided’ you’ll be invited to explain whether your system is for B2B or B2C. After the diagnostic initial questions you start with a template. The big advantage is you are not pouring concrete. So, if the system is not quite how you’d like it, it’s easy to add a field.

If you have faced having to change the system you use, because you’ve outgrown it or your processes are different, the advantage with Macanta is you can adapt your system day to day.

As Graham says about some CRM systems:

I haven’t got the time in the rest of my life to learn how to use the CRM 

Examples of How Macanta is Used

The approach Macanta takes is automating as much of the business, rather than the marketing of the business. They do have automated email and SMS, but it is all driven around managing the business processes. Rather than generating the leads.

Is there an 80:20 rule for CRM features? Most features will be unused by the majority.

To get more information on their features, go to: They supply mainly English speaking nations – UK, South Africa, Australia, USA and Canada.

A Career Customising Other Systems Lead to Macanta

Pieter has spent years customising systems like Infusionsoft so they delivered against client business processes, that eventually him and his co-founding partner developed Macanta.

Another way to put Macanta’s strengths is like describing it as your cheapest and most reliable employee. Once configured, it’ll do things every time. No holidays, sickness etc. Can you automate processes that expensive people are doing?

A New CRM Everyday

In his 20s, Graham worked for Lego UK, then based in Wrexham Wales. Such was the focus on protecting the brand, to prevent it from becoming a generic phrase, like Hoover became. Lego insisted that in written communications, the word was capitalised LEGO, and that in parlance, you didn’t play LEGO, you played with LEGO bricks.

Their streamline at the time was It’s a New Toy Everyday. Which Macanta is essentially similar in this respect.


Macanta is a system that properly automates as much of your business as possible. It avoids the cancer of 2 minute tasks. Macanta can be developed incrementally. An employee that you can keep giving more work to.

OFFER: Macanta CRM is free for life for the first user.

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