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LinkedIn in 15 Minutes with Ashley Leeds

Do you think you could master LinkedIn in 15 Minutes? Ashley Leeds joins The Next 100 Days Podcast to share how he is helping people get results from spending just a quarter of an hour on LinkedIn. You may currently spend less time than this, or in some cases more. Whichever, you’ll pick up some great tips from Ashley in this podcast.

LinkedIn in 15 Minutes, Ashley Leeds, The Next 100 Days Podcast

What Got Ashley into LinkedIn?

Many of us added nothing more than a CV right at the beginning. Presumably hoping that someone would notice how fabulous you were and offer you a much better job than you’d got already! Ring a bell?

How has your use of LinkedIn evolved?

The buyer often knows far more than the sales person. Graham experience this recently in a car showroom, whilst looking at a new electrically powered car. Can you fit a tow bar? No shouts a sales guy, not directly involved in our conversation. You mean, this branded pdf from the same company is wrong then? It was embarrassing, but not for Graham.

Ashley says nowadays the buyer knows far more than the seller. It is imperative that you have a strong social media presence. Because you’ll be researched!

Ashley’s LinkedIn in 15 Minutes Workshop starts at 8.45am UK time

The idea is to think of these 15 minutes as a business networking thing. If you want to get something out of a business networking meeting, you’ll want to pinpoint the people who you feel can benefit your business. Just start talking. Not selling stuff, just nattering. The objective is to start developing friendships so you become front of mind.

That’s what we should be doing when we are on LinkedIn. You need to bring your personality over. Ashley recommends you overshare a bit. Would you say or do something in a real life situation? Why not do the same in a LinkedIn setting?

Two Good Examples in Graham’s Network of LinkedIn Stars!

Tova Sprecher, Photographer, The Next 100 Days Podcast
If you want your photo taken by Tova, try here.

Kerrie Alexander, The Next 100 Days Podcast

And if you want to lose weight, listen to Kerrie on this podcast or contact her here.

What’s the Story behind Full Cup Coaching?

Ashley’s business is called Full Cup Coaching. Here’s his logo…

Full Cup Coaching, Ashley Leeds, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Linkedin in 15 minutes

As a musician, with a happy disposition, he wrote a song called Full Cup. Including the words YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN.

Ashley tells the story of Mo Gawdat, former business chief at Google X, who bought 2 Rolls Royce cars one evening. Turns out it didn’t make him happy. His story is captured in his book Solve For Happy. Click image to buy the book.

Mo Gawdat, Solve for Happy, Ashley Leeds, The Next 100 Days Podcast

LinkedIn in 15 Minutes – What Does it Feel Like?

The brain copes better when it learns in shorter sessions. So, Ashley breaks down his training sessions into BITE SIZE chunks.

Kevin made the point that all social media creates rabbit holes.

Ashley recommends you comment on the posts of people you follow. So identify your market. Follow them. Comment on their posts. So who shouts and screams a lot in your industry.

What is SSI?

It is a score that Ashley suggests you want to get to 75 out of 100.When you get over 75, that’s when the stuff you create in LinkedIn gets more notifications. Hit this link to get your LinkedIn SSI score:  Get your score free  But don’t focus on these numbers. It is a barometer to give you a measure your improvements on the platform.

You also need to be in the Top 1% in your industry. Only 3m of the 760m on LinkedIn are active.

How to establish your professional brand

OK, be honest, how does your LinkedIn profile look right now?


Graham’s Daughter in Law Takes Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Photos

If you or someone you know is about to give birth AND you live in the North of England, contact LeAnn Arrowsmith, who has been quietly carving out a fabulous business with newborn baby photography.

LeAnn Arrowsmith photography, The Next 100 Days Podcast, LinkedIn in 15 Minutes, Ashley Leeds

Be Front of Mind

Look through your feed and add a few comments.

In Ashley’s sessions he caps the number of people at 15. At 8.45am he starts, whether you’ve turned up late or not. At 9am, he’s done. As the day’s pass during the week, people stay behind and ask lots of questions.

The biggest problem is WRITING A POST. Kevin frequently looks at the post screen and his mind goes blank. That’s the day you end up going down rabbit holes. Comment on 10 or 15 posts each week. That will help your creative writing.

Kevin forms his posts in the form of a question. In real life, you do the same. What are your thoughts on networking…

Video or Written Post?

Quality versus quantity. It is all about having richness with the relationships you are developing on LinkedIn.


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