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Book Writing with Sue Richardson

Sue got into the book writing world 30 years ago. Prior to that she been in the theatre and academia. Her degree was in English and she was always passionate about books. Not surprisingly, Sue cut her teeth on academic journals. Then in the late 90s, she got the bug for creating her own publishing product.

Book Writing, Sue Richardson, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Sue got into textile art about 20 years ago. Graham wondered if the picture behind her was an example. What do you see in Sue’s abstract painting?

Book Writing – what drives people to write books?

The first thing is Sue works with authors who want to write a book that helps them develop their business. She calls it the KING OF CONTENT.

Sue mainly publishes business books. Her authors come from the food world – cooks and chefs; personal development. Which means they are all non-fiction and all her books take their author where they want to go with their business.


95% of the time Sue takes authors through their strategy session. It’s not just about splurging your lengthy experience onto the page. Be cuter than that.

Sue advises potential authors to firstly focus on the WHY first. So, why do authors really want to publish a book? Secondly, authors should focus on the WHO. Which means, who is the book for? And, be specific. Unusually, most potential authors dive in at the WHAT – I could write a book about this, or that. Sue summaries by saying, Authors should concentrate on the why and who upfront. Doing so will produce a book that is much more effective for you and your business.

Kevin raised the idea of books being the front end collateral to get you into a campaign. It’s about value, says Sue. If you get value, then you are on the right track. Kevin wants authors to be short and concise and don’t overload the stories! Well, that’s what Kevin says.

Kindle, Audible or “real” Books?

Sue would never publish a book without having a digital version of it. Audio book is exponentially growing.

Books are a technology that remains relatively unchanged over a 1,000 years. Graham has a view that censorship is unnecessary. You can self censor.

Discover More about The Right Book Company


Graham downloaded an excellent guide on the steps you should take to publish a book.

Book Writing, 99 Tips, The Next 100 Days Podcast

If Your WHO is Small, Do You Self Publish?

The more niche a book is, the less likely a traditional publisher will be interested, but it’ll sell more.

And then Kevin asks another of his blistering questions:

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Sue also has a book in the Authority Guides series.

Authority Guides, Sue Richardson, The Next 100 Days Podcast

These are short books, that are 20,000 words maximum.

Get Sue’s Book here.



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