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Copywriting with Martin Booth

Copywriting expert Martin Booth rejoins The Next 100 Days Podcast for the second time. His first visit was back in 2018. Meanwhile, over the course of the last 3 years he has developed his business. He says he has attracted some fantastic clients. Martin’s weakness is that he loves writing.

Martin Booth, Copywriting, The Next 100 Days Podcast

How Did Martin Grow His Copywriting Business?

Martin says he worked hard, networked lots and got referrals and testimonials for his work.

He has a business associate in the States who encapsulated his networking approach. He said, who do you remember most from networking meetings? Do you remember the guy who pitches you his elevator pitch or the guy that asks you a lot of questions and is interested in you?

Therefore. Martin’s friend said beware of having “COMMISSION BREATH”. Specifically, that means you are coming across as desperate for the sale.

Create Your 10 WORD Introduction

Generally, Martin says you should distill what you do and what you bring to people in 10 words. On the day of the podcast, Martin attended a networking meeting beforehand. In this case, someone came up to him, as you do, and asked ‘what do you do?’.

Martin said:

“I’m a copywriter, [I write great words that help you get more business.]”

How Do You Get Clients?

Martin’s Testimonial for The Next 100 Days Podcast

Contact Martin

LinkedIn:  Martin Booth

Website:  LeBoo Media

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