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Influencer Marketing with Sedge Beswick

Influencer Marketing expert, Sedge Beswick joins The Next 100 Days Podcast this week. When Sedge started working in social media Facebook was king, and TikTok didn’t even exist. She is now one of the UK’s foremost voices on influencer marketing.

Who is Sedge Beswick?

Sedge is MD and Founder, of award-winning influencer marketing agency SEEN Connects. Now, the group is international. We spoke to Sedge from her base in New York. Prior to starting her business, Sedge worked with brands like Nike, eBay and Panasonic, Red Bull and ASOS.        

You might ask, who are these influencers? Well, they include the musician Lewis Capaldi, television presenter Laura Whitmore and comedian Jack Whitehall. She has published two books, hosted a podcast series, is a judge for industry awards and is a regular guest expert for BBC News, Sky News, the Financial Times and The Drum.

She supports young people entering social marketing and has helped more than 50 people land jobs.

Sedge Beswick, Influencer Marketing, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Sedge in New York

You have to feel sorry for Sedge. Two months in New York. But, she claims to be tied to her laptop. A likely story! Still, Sedge noticed that the buzz word in NY right now is “cute”. Answers on a postcard, what would be a good acronym for CUTE?

Your accent is so CUTE – Clearly Understands Tactful Elocution!

Sedge’s Work Background

Firstly, Sedge has had such a fun career. Like, working for Red Bull. You must have seen those cars with the slanting can of Red Bull on the top. If you were in Nottingham, a few years back, that was Sedge in the car!

What does SEEN Connects do?

SEEN Connects is an influencer marketing agency. First, they help brands with celebrities and influencers. Secondly, they come up with a creative. Thirdly, they manage that creative from end to end.

She mentioned: “Archetypal Alignment” – you wouldn’t go for a Scott Disick (from Keeping Up WIth The Kardashians) paid ad for say a weight bulking powder. I’m not entirely sure he’d do that anyway, but I have to admit to having never watched that show. There would be a negative reaction.

What kind of Clients do You Work With?

Let’s start with Nike. In this clip, Sedge talks about a localised influencer marketing campaign.

And Why Would a Brand Want Influencer Marketing Support?

They Start with Target Marketing 

First, they’ll do an immersion session with their clients.


How to think about Influencers

It’s complicated! But that’s when you’re having fun.


Campaign : SEEN Connects : A Great Place to Work

Most of her leads come from LinkedIn. They are influential in the influencer space.

What’s it Like dealing with Celebrities?

It varies.


Sedge Provides The Next 100 Days Podcast A Testimonial


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