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The People Part is Annie Hyman Pratt’s first book. It took her two years to write. But what a wait. Recently released to massive fanfare, with some notable testimonials, Annie is set to reply impact business owners with this book.

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The People Part, Annie Hyman Pratt, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Coffee Beans

Annie ran the family business selling Coffee Beans. Moreover, as she made such a success of it, her parents decided to cash in!

Truthfully, Annie didn’t want to sell The Coffee Bean business at the time. This left her heartbroken at that time. Would she ever love anything as much again? Hell yes! Just listen to her passion for The People Part. My guess is her parents knew this and factored it into the decision to sell.

In short, Annie loves helping entrepreneurs with the people part. You know, that part of the job that many think they are not very good at.

So, is The People Part a Recipe For Getting it Right?

We all know what the people part is, but we aren’t good at it. Annie says that’s because we are human. More than that, humans have a Jekyll and Hyde operating system.

Two sides to the Brain

Annie says we tend to think that all this people stuff is the kind of thing we learned in nursery school. After that, we don’t spend time learning HOW to regulate our emotions. Maybe that’s why so many people get triggered nowadays by the slightest thing.

People Are Spinning Around in Their Own Heads

And that reduces productivity.


How do you stop the brain spinning, then?

We need to interrupt ourselves.

When People Are in Fear, What DO You Do?

Not, things will be fine. Tell them, we don’t know. But how will you handle things if they change?

Annie gives The Next 100 Days a Testimonial


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