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Who do you turn to improve your performance by as much as 10x? That would be Holly Smith. She’s from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and has business owner clients around the world. Holly is in great demand, especially after releasing her first book “30 Days to Happiness“.

Holly Smith, Performance, The Next 100 Days Podcast

How Old is Holly?

Well, she’s in her 20s, but that’s as far as Graham dared go!

Who Does Holly Serve?

So, what does Holly do? Holly is an accountability coach for business owners and people working a 9-5 job who want to start a business.

Graham asked whether people are sceptical about being able to 10x performance. She explains it’s a limiting mindset that doesn’t think they can 10x something. Everyone can do better are what they are constantly doing.


It’s not just about becoming twice as busy, but twice as productive. Do that in the same time and you’re golden!

How do you become more productive?

We found out something else about Holly too. She’s prepping for a Bodybuilding competition. WORLD BEAUTY FITNESS & FASHION

Wakes at 5 am
30mins to get up, maybe do some affirmations.
90mins to ‘smash out something she needs to get done that day. MIT’s Most Important Tasks. Kevin says if something isn’t done by 11 am it’s not likely going to get done.

She doesn’t eat first thing, as she trains her body to accept fewer calories.

PH360 – hers is an ACTIVATOR body type. She knows when to sleep, when to eat, when to lift weights and when she’s most creative – for Holly, it’s 6 to 7 pm.

Assessment of Others

Holly assesses people by looking at what they do in each hour of the day.

There are 2 secrets:

– BE ACCOUNTABLE TO SOMEONE (That’s where Holly comes in).

Graham referenced ‘being fierce’ in our podcast with Simona Spilak – Episode 253

Rather than getting in someone’s face, Holly is kind but direct. She’ll tell you that you’ve missed that deadline and put yourself back a week. She could almost be an honorary Yorkshire-woman. Imagine Holly with a Yorkshire accent!

That beauty competition…

World Beauty Fitness & Fashion

Graham – is it a Queensland thing or an Australia thing? The clue’s in the bloody title!

WBFF, Holly Smith, The Next 100 Days Podcast

30 Days to Happiness

Holly’s first book is called 30 Days to Happiness. Get it here.

The book will give you a set of mechanisms to use whenever you are faced with challenging times.

Holly’s Inspiration

This video goes to the heart of why Holly is who she is. She was very open and we respect her for that.

For Holly, a message from God transformed her before and after life.

Holly references Dean Graziosi’s Millionaire Success Habits (6-hour Tube audio file) – this book changed her life.

Holly’s Testimonial

Hasn’t Holly got the nicest smile? Believe it or not, Kevin and Graham are so AWESOME and FUN! We’ll take that!


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