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About Dr Daniel Wolter – The Affluent Dentist

Dr Daniel Wolter is an affluent dentist. His practice is based in Goodyear, Phoenix, Arizona. After 30 years, Dan still seems pleased that people refer to him as Dr Dan Wolter. In fact, he has two doctorates. But, he always introduces himself as Dan Wolter. This podcast will reveal a very astute businessman, a highly skilled dentist, and a great marketer to an affluent community! Fortunately for us, Dan is a way better dentist than the corrupt vote counters in Maricopa County – which is the part of Arizona covering Phoenix and Goodyear.

Dr Daniel Wolter, Affluent Dentist, Arizona, The Next 100 Days Podcast

At First, Dan Was a Reluctant Entrepreneur

Dan was lucky. He had about a year and a half to plan the opening of his practice. He started reading business and marketing books. And he liked it!

Dan Read Dan Kennedy

Alongside about 200 other business books, Dan Wolter discovered Dan Kennedy. This helped him launch his practice with a schedule of people on day 1. His practice was profitable in the first month and they’ve grown every year for 17 years.

A Local Market

Dan picks up 80% of his business from a gated community of around 4,500 affluent households, 7,500 people mainly aged 55 and over.

Why Did Dan Select Goodyear for His Practice?

Goodyear ranked no1 in Forbes for a place to retire.

What is Dan’s Style of Marketing to the Affluent?

Are you scared yet?

Greeting New Clients

To be an affluent dentist you need to understand this. It’s simple and devastatingly brilliant.

Dan’s Website

Click on the picture to visit Dan’s website.

Dr Daniel Wolter, Affluent Dentist, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Dr Dan Gave The Podcast This Testimonial!


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