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Business Fives

Business Fives is Irishman John McClarey’s passion project. It’s not like going to work when you love what you are doing. He follows both Tottenham Hotspur and Celtic.

John McClarey, Business Fives, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Podcast Summary

  • Graham, Kevin, and John had a conversation about their interests in football and golf.
  • John talked about his career in business development and how he started his own company which runs corporate charity sports events.
  • Business Fives put on five-side football tournaments for companies, where the winner chooses the charity who benefits from charitable pot.

Mixed Abilities and Genders

  • The events are mixed, and they are actively encouraging more women to participate.


  • The podcast covered the value of networking and team building through sports.
  • Inevitably the team discussed football and there was general agreement that VAR had not improved football.


  • Graham suggested Business Fives could explore ways to quantify the benefits of such events, such as their networking opportunities, before and after the events themselves.
  • One of John’s colleagues moved to Australia and is technically franchising the methodology over there.
  • John McClarey discussed their various sports events including football, golf, and esports.
  • They also talked about their plans for international expansion and diversifying the range of sports they offer.

Clips from the Podcast

Corporate Escape

1500 Clients Last Year!

Strong Networking Opportunity

Competition Element


Contact John McClarey

John McClarey
Managing Director
M: 07792 199 803

John McClarey’s Testimonial For The Next 100 Days Podcast

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