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How do You Deliver 5 Star Customer Service?

Debbie Homer-Davis is the Managing Director of BabyLady and hails from Canterbury, Kent. Kevin and Graham really learned a lot about customer service. Debbie has spent 32 years honing her skills. Perhaps her finest achievement is her team. She really cares deeply about them and they in turn deliver for BabyLady clients.

Debbie Homer-Davis, Babylady, Baby Products Marketing, Kent,

Summary of Podcast

  • Graham, Kevin, and Debbie discussed Debbie’s journey of starting her own business after facing redundancy in the payroll and finance industry.
  • They also talked about Debbie’s background in running a business in Kent and her passion for entrepreneurship.

The Nappy Venture

  • Debbie set up a nappy delivery service 32 years ago, but the market crashed due to supermarkets slashing prices.
  • She then opened a baby shop in Canterbury, which became popular for its focus on reusable cloth nappies and providing information for informed choices.

Customer Service is Crucial

  • Debbie, Graham, and Kevin discussed the success of Debbie’s team and their ability to find solutions for difficult problems in the baby retail industry.
  • They also talked about the challenges of fitting car seats and how Debbie’s YouTube channel and QR codes provide helpful instructions for customers all over the country and internationally.

Sourcing Products From Around the World

  • Debbie, Graham, and Kevin discussed the advantages of sourcing products from Europe and the importance of building relationships with suppliers.
  • They also highlighted the unique value they offer compared to Amazon, emphasizing their expertise, personalised customer service, and proactive approach to problem-solving.
  • Graham, Debbie, and Kevin discussed the importance of customer service and how it can be challenging to maintain in both physical and online businesses.
  • They emphasised the need for staff buy-in, education on customer service from an early age, and the value of authenticity in providing honest reviews and assistance to customers.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

  • Graham, Debbie, and Kevin discussed the potential impact of AI on various industries, including customer service and photography. T
  • They also talked about the challenges of expanding Debbie’s nursery business and the importance of authentic human connection in certain fields.
  • In the conversation, Debbie discussed her business Baby Lady and the challenges of competing with larger retailers like Amazon.
  • Graham and Kevin praised Debbie for her customer service and emphasised the importance of supporting small businesses.

Clips from the Podcast

Babylady Provides Information for You to Make Informed Choices

Customer Service Takes Good People

What a Wonderful Attitude to People…

Come on Britain, Start Manufacturing Again!

Michael Heppell said Debbie is “The Queen of Customer Care” Is she?


Debbie Provided this Testimonial for the Show

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