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Coaching Creative Businesses

Coaching creative businesses is how Angie Colee gets through the day. She’s a pretty spirited individual. Direct, sometimes uses industrial language (would make a great Leeds United fan)! But a young woman spotted a massive improvement for one of the legends of the direct response marketing market – Jeff Walker.

Angie Colee, Coaching Creative Businesses, Texas, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Podcast Summary

  • Kevin, Graham, and Angie had a conversation where they discussed various topics such as meeting each other, getting rid of a certain thing, their locations, horseback riding in Texas, going to court, Angie’s book, and the content of the book.

Angie’s Career Hop

  • Angie, Graham, and Kevin engaged in a conversation where Angie discussed her transition from marketing and copywriting to helping entrepreneurs with their leadership and communication skills.
  • They also touched on the importance of identifying the true source of problems and addressing them effectively.
  • Angie, Kevin, and Graham discussed the importance of listening to others’ opinions and being open to different solutions.
  • Angie shared her experience of learning to be a better leader by allowing her team members to contribute their own ideas.

Coaching Creative Businesses – Even Jeff Walker’s Business!

  • Angie helped Jeff Walker create a voice guide and onboarding system for copywriters.
  • She broke down the company’s voice, provided systematic onboarding, and worked closely with Jeff to write in his style, resulting in successful copywriting that sounded like Jeff himself.

Angie Finds the Hidden Opportunities

  • In the conversation, Graham, Angie, and Kevin discuss Angie’s ability to find hidden opportunities in businesses.
  • They also talk about her experiences working with influential people and offer advice on how to approach and interact with them.

Permission to Kick Ass 

Angie Colee, Coaching Creative Businesses, Texas, The Next 100 Days Podcast

  • Graham, Angie, and Kevin discussed Angie’s website design, with Graham complimenting the use of red.
  • Angie shared that her website stands out and receives positive feedback.

Coaching Style

  • They also talked about Angie’s coaching style, focusing on helping individuals uncover their true desires and removing interference to reach their potential.
  • Kevin, Graham, and Angie discussed the types of clients Angie wants to work with, specifically creative service providers and entrepreneurs who are at the messy growth stage and need help simplifying and delegating tasks.

Strengths Finder

  • They also talked about the importance of embracing strengths and quirks in leadership and the need to surround oneself with trusted individuals who can provide a different perspective.
  • Kevin, Angie, and Graham discussed their strengths and how they can complement each other in their podcast.
  • They also talked about the benefits of using the Strengths assessment to understand their blind spots and enhance their business and creative endeavours.

Clips from the Podcast

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Permission to Kick Ass (Angie’s new book)

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Working With Jeff Walker

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Angie Left This Testimonial


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Graham Arrowsmith

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Kevin Appleby, GrowCFO, The Next 100 Days Podcast

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