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The False Exit

The False Exit is the name of a new book by returning guest John Lamerton. With this appearance, John Lamerton becomes our most frequent returning guest. He’s been on four times! Enough already!

John Lamerton, The False Exit, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Do not sell your business

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Summary of Podcast 

The False Exit – John’s New Book

John Lamerton, The False Exit, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Do not sell your business

  • We start by discussing John’s book titled “The False Exit: How to Exit Your Business and Still Own It.”
  • The book was inspired by John’s accidental exit from his main business and explores the process of systemising and optimising a business for a successful exit.

How to Achieve a False Exit

  • John, Graham, and Kevin discussed the concept of achieving a “false exit” in their businesses.
  • They explored the importance of having clear vision and values.
  • Additionally, they chatted about implementing systems and processes, and empowering the right people.
  • The plan is for these people to run the business without their direct involvement.

Riverford Organic Farms

  • Graham, Kevin, and John discussed the success of Riverford Farms, a business that converted to organic farming and prioritised their values.
  • They highlighted how Riverford’s commitment to their vision and values.
  • These exist even after the founder’s exit, allowing them to make decisions aligned with their principles and gain customer trust.
  • John and Kevin discuss the importance of trust and having the right people in a business.
  • They also talk about the challenge of breaking old habits and routines to create a more efficient and successful business.

Approaching Retirement

  • We had to mentioned retirement!
  • Like passing on their expertise and maintaining their passion for their businesses as they approached retirement.
  • They also mentioned Queen Elizabeth as an example of how delegation and evolving leadership can help sustain an organisation over time.

Getting the Right People

  • The importance of having the right people, values, vision, and decision-making framework in an organisation was discussed.
  • They emphasised that values should be based on personal beliefs rather than what looks good on paper.

The Right Chemistry – The Next 100 Days Podcast

  • Graham, Kevin, and John discussed the challenges and chemistry of their podcast, reflecting on their values and the reasons for their long-term commitment.
  • They also touched on John’s pivotal moment of realising the need for clearer vision and values in his business decision-making process.

This is Where We Should Have Started the Podcast – John Having His Tantrum!

  • John realised that he couldn’t handle the overwhelming responsibilities in his life anymore, leading to a pivotal moment where he decided to make a change.
  • He made a list of everything he was responsible for and how it made him feel, which helped him see the need to let go and find a better balance.
  • John, Kevin, and Graham had a conversation about John’s book and his experiences with business ownership and exit strategies.
  • They discussed the importance of having a clear plan and focusing on activities that bring energy and value.
  • On top of that, they acknowledged the need for personal development and reflection.

Clips from the Podcast

The Book’s Origin Story

Retirement Exit – Flywheel

Four Sections – The False Exit

Graham Wanted to Start From a Different Point



John Said This About The Next 100 Days Podcast

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