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Investable Entrepreneur

Investable Entrepreneur is the title of James Church’s book about raising capital. There are some bad ways to try out if you are into wasting your time and dreams. And then, there are some tips you can follow in this practical podcast featuring James Church.

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Podcast Summary

The Book Was Already in Graham’s Library!

  • Graham discovered he had a copy of James’ book.
  • They discussed how it could provide tips on communicating with investors for Graham’s business (Finely Fettled Limited) targeting high net worth individuals.
  • James was welcomed as a guest on the podcast to discuss his expertise as an investable entrepreneur.

Storytelling – Important Part of Investable Entrepreneur

  • James and Graham discuss the importance of storytelling and effective communication when pitching to investors.
  • There is a need for entrepreneurs to focus on presenting themselves as investable individuals rather than solely relying on the strength of their business ideas.

Six Principles of the Perfect Pitch 

  • Graham and James discussed the six principles of the perfect pitch.
    • Preparation,
    • Structure,
    • Content,
    • Clarity,
    • Storytelling, and
    • Design.
  • James found that founders who followed these principles felt more confident and successful in their pitches.
  • Even though their business plans often changed as they learned more about the market.

The Purpose of the Business Plan

  • James, Graham, and Kevin discussed the purpose of business plans for investors,
  • It’s got to demonstrate strategic thinking, skill sets, and adaptability.
  • They also highlighted the shift in investor behavior post-COVID, with a focus on profitability and a return to normal interest rates.

Pitch Ready


  • Graham and James discussed the importance of storytelling in raising investment.
  • This included the Pitch Ready scorecard, a tool that helps entrepreneurs assess their readiness for pitching to investors.

Who’s it For?

  • Their target audience is typically in their late 40s, with more life experience and a willingness to seek expert help.
  • James, Graham, and Kevin discussed the pricing structure and services offered by James’ consultancy firm.
  • They also talked about the involvement of the consultancy in different funding rounds and the value of external insight and communication in fundraising.

James’s Background

  • James, a former creative director in branding and advertising, started life about 10 years ago as a brand communication agency.
  • They focused on working with pioneering entrepreneurs who wanted to push boundaries and do something different.
  • His firm provided support in areas such as strategic information, documentation, and finding investors.

Communicating with Investors

  • James and Graham discussed how they started helping founders with their pitch decks and realised there was a need for effective communication with investors.
  • They identified gaps in the process and added services like business plans and investor outreach, and keeping investors engaged for future rounds

Clips from the Podcast

Make Ideas a Reality

Communicating to Investors


Almost All Business Plans Evolve


James Church Testimonial for The Next 100 Days Podcast


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