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Compelling Sales Conversations

Anja Rogan Pirc rejoins The Next 100 Days Podcast to continue the conversation about compelling sales conversations that we had on her first appearance.

Anja Rogan Pirc, Compelling Sales Conversations, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Podcast Summary – Compelling Sales Conversations

The Essence of Compelling Sales Conversations

  • Anja, Kevin, and Graham had a conversation about Anja’s approach to helping people find solutions to their problems.
  • She explained how it is important to genuinely serve and assist others rather than forcefully convince them. 

A Changing World of Compelling Sales Conversations

  • Graham, Anja, and Kevin discussed the importance of personal, authentic sales conversations in a world where consumers have more information and are more discerning.
  • They concluded that as long as there are people, there will always be a need for human touch and support in sales.
  • AI cannot replicate the personal connection and individualised guidance.

Create Your Own Economy

  • Kevin, Anja, and Graham discussed the importance of taking control of one’s life and creating their economy.
  • They also emphasised the significance of developing people skills as the most critical skill for business success.

Kevin, The Salesman

  • Graham and Kevin discussed their views on sales and their roles in the past.
  • Anja encouraged Kevin to see himself as a skilled salesperson who listens and understands customers’ needs rather than just focusing on meeting quotas.

Network Marketing

  • Anja discussed her journey in overcoming the perception of being a salesperson and finding inspiration from genuine individuals in the network marketing industry.
  • Graham acknowledged the importance of helping others make decisions and mentioned his experience assisting clients.
  • Everyone has the potential to be a salesperson in some capacity.

Build Good Relationships

  • Kevin, Graham, and Anja discussed the importance of sales in every business and how everyone, including support staff, plays a role in sales.
  • They also emphasised the significance of building good customer relationships for retention.
  • You need to be open and curious to learn and improve in sales.

Clips from the Podcast

How Does Anja Help People?

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How Can I Create My Own Economy

But, It’s Easy For You!

Anja – Friend of the Show That We Couldn’t Say No To!


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Anja Rogan Pirc, Compelling Sales Conversations, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Contact Anja Rogan Pirc

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