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The Next 100 Days Podcast

Helping you and your business grow rapidly in the next 100 days and beyond


Graham Arrowsmith, Co-host, The Next 100 Days Podcast

What makes Graham the ideal choice to bring inspiration and success to your business?

Well, it’s in his nature. We asked him to undertake the Gallup StrengthsFinder survey.

Here’s what we found:

  • He’s an Activator. That means he can make things happen by turning thoughts into action. He is determined to generate a lot of enthusiasm around various projects, events, or activities. His is energised, not paralysed, by opportunities and possibilities. He’s naturally open and honest about himself, what he’s done, what he can do, and what he cannot do.
  • He’s Futuristic. He creates detailed and vivid images of what the future promises.
  • He is Strategic.  Faced with any given scenario, he can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues. He notices new as well as unusual configurations in facts, evidence, or data.
  • He’s an Intellectual Thinker. (Yeah, we were surprised too!) This means he gets mentally stimulated by thought-provoking ideas, information, data, predictions and insights and applies this to solving problems, conceiving new concepts, and designing plans.
  • He’s an Ideas Man.  He’s often the originator of fresh ideas for brand-new campaigns,  business ventures, initiatives, or special events.

Inspiring Business Happiness? For you?

It is all about combining these strengths and applying knowledge and insights gained from more than 25 years of working for and with some of the leading companies in the direct marketing and data industries.



Kevin Appleby

Kevin is the finance and business planning guy.

His strengths are very different to Graham, meaning as a team, together they cover a lot of bases

Here’s what we found when he took strengths finder 2.0:

  • He’s a Relator. He's selective about his relationships, but when he connects with people he wants to turn them into friends and understand their feelings, their goals, their fears and their dreams.
  • He’s a Learner, energised by the journey from ignorance to competence. He thrives in a dynamic work environment and loves taking on new assignments and focussing on new subject matter.
  • He's the Arranger, and loves figuring out the best way to get things done. Assembling people and resources together to get great results, he often plays the talent scout role matching people to opportunities.
  • He’s an Achiever. (Though his wife is yet to be convinced, she thinks he's a procrastinator!) and likes to get stuff done in a practical, no nonsense way.
  • He’s Analytical.  Just what you need from the finance guy, he takes the facts and the data to draw conclusions and recommend the best way forward

Making Business Happiness a reality? For you?

Kevin is a chartered accountant and a management consultant and has worked with many big public and private sector organisations to deliver business change, but his passion is small and medium business. Through My Happy Business, Kevin's ambition is to bring the tools and techniques that big organisations use and apply them in a meaningful and practical way to help you, the business owner, take your business to the next level and achieve your goals and desires.