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Routine Machine by John Lamerton

Kevin Appleby has been reading John Lamerton’s new book Routine Machine. He said it was one of the best books he’s read recently. No feint praise from Kevin, as his Kindle is hot from use. Kevin (not sucking up to John) said “it’s the best book he’s read this year. We’re recording in August 2019 too! What he liked about it was ease of reading.

John tells us he has a better editor (Greg) for this book.

John Lamerton Routine Machine The Next 100 Days Podcast

What is Routine Machine About

Another podcast host spotted John’s self description of being a lazy entrepreneur. He thought it wasn’t ideal. John didn’t like the podcast hot’s first suggestion but the conversation later came round to the things that John does to enable him to be a lazy entrepreneur. And that was routine. The host said John was the king of routine!

All from an aside at the end of a podcast!

Although John said he’d never write another book again, he did. On holiday, he wrote stuff into a note book.

Improve Your Morning Routine

Kevin said it resonated with the work of Hal Eldrod –

He loves some of the ideas presented in Hal’s book. That you leap out of bed at 5am every morning, like it’s Christmas Day morning! And you do you “affirmations”. Do a workout and drink a smoothie. Sounded fantastic. But for John he could not make it work.

Graham plans to swerve Hal’s book, and Kevin had a similar reaction to John.

Would all this mean Graham had to wear a leotard?

So John says the key to routine is optimising YOUR morning routine.

Key Takeaways

Change one thing. Make it small. Make it easy. Get some momentum.

People don’t want to be told what to do. You already do stuff on out-pilot. Stuff you do everyday. Make a small improvements.

Affirmations – look at this article if you want stuff on affirmations –

Routine IS boring

But you are already doing this. Mostly you are staring blankly at Facebook on your phone. Borrow that time.

Is a practiced drill? Repeat and optimise. Not unlike Marcelo Bielsa is doing at Leeds United. George Graham did much of this at Arsenal. He optimised a routine long before they started the season. It is learned behaviour.

Kevin’s Changed What Goes Into His Schedule

Kevin made this change. He adds his dog walk with his dog Cooper. He schedules in the stuff you enjoy!

John showed us his weekly work schedule that highlighted he took his own dog out at a certain time.

Why has the podcast worked?

We decided to do a podcast EVERY week. A cumulative effect of having done that. This is podcast #187. We have authority to ask people like John to join us on the podcast.

The Book is NOT Just About a Morning Routine

How you start influences the way you end the day. If you start the day in your email box. 3 hours passes and you don’t then have time to do the most important thing you need to get done.

What tips does John have?

Identify EACH WEEK’S Most important task.

John Lamertn=on, The Next 100 Days, Routine Machine, This Week's ONE Thing

Write That Sales Letter, Graham!

Do not pass go, until you finish it. The Machine part. Just F@@@@ do it! You have to be ruthless. Do the important stuff.

This episode is really part two of a two part series. John joined us on our Episode 93 to discuss his Big Ideas book. Listen here.

You must have the discipline to do the things that are important to you day in day out.


Get The Book – Routine Machine – Click on the image.

Routine Machine, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Fluffy prose is not what this book will deliver. Instead, you’ll find down to earth conversational style.

What is John’s IDEAL JobĀ Description?


Everything you’ve done in your life every week, every day, is what got you here.

You become the sort of person who routinely does certain things. Like record a podcast every Friday. Otherwise, you become incongruent with who you have.

Affirmations – there is SOME science in it. Fake to make it. Tell yourself something enough, you’ll believe it. You have to behave in a certain way. But beware trite cliches.

John told a story about Scott Adams. The Cartoonist. And his affirmations about becoming a famous cartoonist.

Left Foot, Right Foot, Repeat as Necessary

John told the story about Captain Scott’s expedition to the South Pole.

Find out more about John Lamerton

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