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Tiffany Toombs – Unlock Your Potential

This week, Tiffany Toombs is talking to us about mindset and how to unlock your potential. Her company, Blue Lotus Mind, is inspired by the lotus which has to grow through the mud to become pure; specifically, the blue lotus symbolises transformation and wisdom. These are qualities that are important to Tiffany’s business and are important to unlocking your potential in your business.

Tiffany works with people to let go of their debilitating beliefs, self-sabotage and emotional baggage from the past. This is because these things stop people from reaching the things that they want; stopping them from reaching their potential. In this podcast she discusses how to unlock your potential with some tips and tricks along the way.

Tiffany Toombs, Unlock Your Potential, The Next 100 Days Podcast

How do you unlock someone’s potential?

Typically people come to Tiffany and have a ‘presenting issue’. This is what the customer thinks is the problem (but is not really the problem!). It’s usually a behaviour that is not working for them:

  • “I keep procrastinating in my business.”
  • “I spend my money on silly things.”
  • “I keep dating the wrong person.”

Tiffany will usually go through a process of uncovering the event, and or the people that lead to the beliefs that they have – the “not good enough”,  the “money is evil” or whatever it is that they have.

Through that process of uncovering the beliefs, she can get to the root problem. The root problem is typically a belief system that has been embedded in their mind and then they have sought validation for that belief system over and over again. In short, Tiffany sees our behaviours as symptoms of our belief systems; the bulk of our belief systems are formed and embedded within our identities between the ages of 0 to 7 years of age. Therefore, when you are dealing with belief systems, you need to go deeper than just bulldozing through the problem-behaviour and doing something different.

How do you fix behaviours formed in the past?

The process Tiffany uses is that she puts people into a semi-trance. That means it’s like they’re hypnotised but they can still communicate with her.   Then, she will take her client to the first event, to see it in a different light.

For example, rather than seeing being locked in the closet from a three year-old’s view, Tiffany directs seeing that experience through the present – with contexts the three year-old wouldn’t understand. In this way, it is easier to see the event in a wider context.

Ultimately, hurt people hurt people; if we don’t heal our own wounds from parents, friends, partners or siblings (for example), we end up bleeding all over someone else. That creates more wounds. So, what Tiffany does is support the healing of those wounds to create an opening of potential.


So, backtracking a little, Tiffany deals with many people who have suffered abuse, trauma or bullying. She takes them to the first event and reframes their perception of that first event to create a new belief system.

How do you ‘reframe’?

Tiffany doesn’t literally reframe other people’s mindsets. Rather, she facilitates the process, which is as follows:

  1. When the client is taken back to an event, Tiffany asks what resources they needed during that time.
  2. There is a visualisation process to give them those resources.
  3. The client is asked how they would react to that situation which is now different, so that they can create a new neural pathway in their brain.

Is this an effective process?


Tiffany has also dealt with a lady who was struggling to get pregnant. She says people don’t realise how toxic negative emotions are on the body; because we are never taught to effectively and productively let go of them, we tend to suppress them with food or alcohol or exercise.

With this lady, Tiffany suggested rehabilitating the body to  a natural state. By this she means a state where the body and the mind has let go of all toxicity. As a result, her body would be in the best possible position to get pregnant. After the woman’s second session with Tiffany – in the midst of saving up for a second round of IVF – she fell pregnant naturally. Amazing!

Unlocking your potential in the next 100 days…

Obviously, The Next 100 Days Podcast is all about how businesses can be helped or improve in the next 100 days. How long does Tiffany’s interventions take? Is the result going to take longer than 100 days?

Well, Tiffany only works with people for 8 sessions and should see results after session 2. She will give them homework to do too; this consists of changing their language, setting goals appropriately, etc.These things help align the unconscious mind with what it is that we actually want. If you do this, things happen really quickly; you unlock your potential.

We all heal ourselves but Tiffany and her company helps encourage our healing. They make dealing with and experiencing emotion more manageable when it comes to negativity. The only way to truly let go of a negative emotion is to feel it. What they do is to allow you to experience that emotion in a short, controlled time period which can allow you to let it go and move on. As a result, clients feel lighter and more energetic.



It is suggested that you can do this as an individual thing; self-help. So, is it really possible for someone to do this resetting of the mind – this unlocking of your potential – without someone leading you through it?

Tiffany says it depends on the techniques you are using. The processes Tiffany uses are emotionally-based; it is a branch of NLP called Matrix Therapies. With Matrix Therapies, it isn’t really possible for you to do it on yourself.

However, there are some NLP aspects you can practice on yourself. That’s about changing your mind-language and changing your thought-patterns to be more positive.

The right message…

Our brain always gives us what it thinks we want. So, we need to reframe  the language that we use to tell our bodies what we are feeling. The fact is, this is really quite straight-forward.

Tiffany recommends ‘Becoming Supernatural‘ by Dr Joe Dispenza – he talks about how there is a woman whose husband commits suicide. She replayed the memory of the police knocking on her door and telling her the news over and over again. Because of this, her body was being flooded with the same stress hormones over and over again and she became ill with lots of autoimmune diseases. When she told herself a different story, she healed those diseases. She improved her quality of life immensely.

This shows that the way we use our mind and emotions are so important for deciding our quality of life. It is a message that has rung through many of our recent podcasts with guests such as Jaemin Frazer and Bianca Ruehlig. In short, the mind is extremely important when it comes to truly unlocking your potential.

Unlocking your potential in business

Many business people are working hard at 75%. But, there is a 25% they are not accessing. If we keep holding onto limiting beliefs, then we never start to reflect on our behaviour or reprogram our mindsets to get a better outcome and fulfil our potential.

There’s an awful lot of messages in business that say “you can’t do this.” By the time we are 8 years-old we have heard “NO” 500, 000 times and only “YES” 5000 times. That is a staggering statistic. It is reflected in the way we don’t ask to do things in business because we think people say no.

Interestingly, we’ve had someone on the podcast who cut ‘no’ out of business vocabulary. The results were amazing – listen to Mary Shores on the podcast here.

Rather than speaking about what we don’t want in business (or in life), we need to be speaking about what we do want in order to create a positive environment.

How do we understand ourselves enough to know we need to seek someone like Tiffany?


Re-wired…are you ready to set your life on fire?

OVERCOME ANYTHING to live a life of fulfilment, abundance and alignment to achieve all your dreams and more!

What is the “more”, Graham asks! Well, the purpose of our lives are so important. Once we achieve the dreams we typically have – the house, the kids, the clothes, the car, etc – the next question is ‘what’s the legacy?’ The “more” is the question of ‘What are you going to do that leaves this earth a better place?’

What legacy will Tiffany leave?

Her intention for this life is to empower a million people to live an intentional life that’s aligned with the truth of their soul. It’s not necessarily religion or politics that will right the world; it’s finding our purpose so that we focus on that rather than tear others down.

What legacy can we leave?

The most important person’s life we need to change is ours. If we take ownership of our own lives, if we rely on ourselves for happiness and completion, then we are not relying on others. Therefore, we can be happy in our potential, and work with others without relationships getting messy.


What’s important to note here is to question how we are speaking to ourselves and make sure these messages are positive and empowering. The impact of positive language is vital.

So, if you were interested in Tiffany Toomb’s passion for unlocking your potential, you can access her website here.

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