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Financial Business Coaching with Catherine Clark

Financial Business Coach and mentor and Part-time CFO, Catherine Clark has one aim, and that to make people’s lives easier.

 Catherine’s job is to support you, your people, and your business to reach a higher level of performance and sustainable value. She does this in 3 simple steps.

Catherine clark

The 3 C’s

The 3 C’s are part of Catherine’s services she offers in her Financial business Coaching. It is how Catherine approaches her life in working with people. It came to mind when trying to brand her offerings of service.

Clarity, Connect and Confidence.

  • Bringing you financial or personal understanding and clarity

  • Supporting you to connect to your focus and direction

  • Encouraging pro-active actions to confidently create the future you want


The Biggest Finance issues you find most prevalent that you can help people with?

She’s seen from the other side of the spectrum that businesses that have become decent-sized but haven’t put the right financial structure in place struggle. They slack without the right financial support.

Catherines Goal as a Financial Business Coach 

Clark has a genuine passion for seeing businesses or people achieve their potential. It’s hard for her to see people being held back from certain limiting beliefs that they may have or through lack of the right support.

She soon left her CFO role to set up her own business to pursue her passion to help more people and businesses. She has successfully mentored managers and leaders. 

Along with successfully supporting and accelerating their progression and make a more valuable contribution to their organisations. 


Clark strongly believes that people and their wellbeing are vital for long-term business sustainability and success. Also that mental health and happy, healthy people are more productive which improves financial value.


Are People Reluctant to Asking for Support They Need?

A generational thing could be the issue but it could also be seen as a sign of weakness to ask for support even though it shouldn’t be.

Sometimes people should just understand and accept that they can’t be good at everything. Therefore, if there’s someone better than you at something then Catherine strongly believes you should take it as it will make the journey so much easier.

Could you benefit from a Financial Business Coach?

If you would like to find out more about Catherine and what she has to offer, check out her website here.

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