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Photography On Demand With Muji Ahmedi

Photography expert Muji Ahmedi joins us on The Next 100 Days to discuss all this photography.   Since starting his degree at university in business marketing, he learnt a lot which helped him get into photography.

What he learnt in his degree was brand image and creating a brand portfolio. A lot of conversation that came around that was “how do you present your brand?” and imagery.

When Muji was working part time at Nando’s, a lot of their focus was around social media influence. Using great Photography and capturing what the people want. Being in todays society  and how social media is influenced, you take a lot in. Imagery is everywhere and important for driving sales.

He started his career with Perfocal 3 months ago. Perfocal is the company Muji works for and they do 1 on 1 photography.

His first month was an internship and he’s also done a variety of crash courses on photography. With all the photography coming in, he can now identify what’s good and bad and what works and what doesn’t. From the clients he’s had working with him, Muji finds it’s really great to see how his help has benefited their business.

Food Photography

Most big markets are food. Deliveroo, UberEats, Just Eat. The first thing you look at is the picture. You read the description, sure. But then you want to know what it looks like.

With food, it can be hard for the photos to come out well. If the pictures aren’t doing the food justice, nobody will want to buy it. Whether it tastes good or not.


Working at Perfocal

If you book through Perfocal, the algorithm pairs you up with the best photographer suited towards your needs. When the photographer is recruited, they specify what photography they specialise in and locations they cover. This then helps them get matched up to clients.

perfocal, Photography, Photographer

Once the shoot is done, Perfocal look at the photography taken and rate it between 1-100. If the photographer has done the shoot and been rated well, they will continue to get clients in that area.


How have you coped with COVID-19?

Muji says that before COVID, events were the main market. Since lockdown began, no events have been taking place or people wanting a photographer. Perfocal had to take a huge pivot.

Muji started to approach businesses, start ups, marketing agency’s. He did this to see what he could provide for them. Instead of creating a one off on demand shoot, Muji created on going partnerships.


What great guests to have on the Podcast. If you are interested in what Muji does, check out his Linkedin here.

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