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Sales Psychology with Leanne Elich

Sales psychology helps generate more business. This podcast covers how. Leanne is a self-declared ‘kooky’ person. She’s untypical, but we soon discovered she practices what she preaches. Boy, she listens really well. The sales psychology techniques that Leanne teaches are based on relationship selling.

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What Leanne Does

Leanne’s background is in medicine. She has worked globally for over 20 years. However, her more immersive clients, the ones that are one to one appointments are in Australia.

Think Outside The Box

Although Leanne dislikes cliches, her website headline is “Think Outside The Box”. So, why use that tagline? Well, it’s something she’s always said. You could say, it is part of her archetype. The phrase points to people needing to be more alert about their surroundings. Moreover, Leanne calls the type of thinking “diagonal thinking”. The important lesson is to open your eyes and mind to what’s happening around you.

Don’t just use brute force as a salesperson. Here’s why.

Listening is a skill. But, once you learn, you can start connecting with others on a different level. Doing this improves your confidence. After a while, your performance improves. Listening is at the core of a good salesperson.

Overcome the One BIG Mistake Sales People Make

In this section, Leanne (an outgoing person) explains how she alters the way she comes across to connect better with a person who is more reserved. Firstly, she has to identify the person’s personality. The object is to make the customer more comfortable.

How to Connect on LinkedIn


Testimonial From Leanne Elich

Contact Leanne Elich

Website:  Leanne Elich Consulting

Telephone: +61 411 032 960

LinkedIn:  Leanne Elich

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