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Scale at Speed with Felix Velarde

The 2Y3X formula is really the core Scale at Speed proposition. In 2 years 3 times. It’s all about getting the right people to deliver massive growth in a shortish period of time. Felix has had a long entrepreneurial career and has started, built and sold agencies. He claims to have messed up several times. But, that’s where you learn a lot. When you cock things up. Building businesses is trial and error. Felix wanted to do what Steve Jobs said “Make a little dent on the world”. Hi company 2Y3X, became a growth acceleration programme. Part of the formula was to extract the trial and error he’d experienced starting businesses. He brought together what he’d learnt and added loads more and implemented. His clients started to get the results that means he can reliably offer the possibility of businesses tripling in 2 years. Felix Velarde, 2Y3X, Scale at Speed, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Pre-Podcast Pleasantries

Scale at Speed – The Book

Scale at Speed – How to triple the size of your business and build a superstar team. Click the words “Scale at Speed” at the beginning of this paragraph and you’ll be taken to Amazon where the book is available for £10.78! Scale at Speed, Felix Velarde, The Next 100 Days Podcast

What’s the MOST telling lesson from Scale at Speed?

Felix referenced the number 1 bestseller, Good to Great by Jim Collins, released in 2001. Proposition is one of those things is necessary to get right. Secondly, it shouldn’t just be YOU. That leads to stress and that leads to bad decisions. The book covers this. But the MOST important thing is your core personal value.

One of the best explanation of CORE PERSONAL VALUES you’re likely to find (in this clip)

So much depends on your core values.

What personal values were formed in YOUR life at age:

  • 7 years
  • 11 years
  • 15 years

Felix tells the story about his Grandmother. She was religious. At 7, Felix was whinging about going to church on Christmas Day. She bribed him with a small amount. It was a seminal moment and Felix really questioned his relationship with religion. She in effect shaped his future. We forget about these moments.

A Lesson Learnt in the Himalayas

His guides on a Himalayan trek, used hour long stages to keep Felix going. They got him to walk 6,500 stairs in a day. There was a big goal and a series of small growth steps. The big goal has to be far enough away to be challenging, then break it into smaller achievable steps. This became part of embedded goal setting within his growth acceleration.

Felix breaks down growth by having a BIG 3 year goal, split into 3 parts:

It’s broken into quarterly tasks.

– Financial
– Cultural (what kind of place do you ant it to be)
– Positioning (where do we want to be in our market).


Come up with 20 tasks for this coming year. 5 people on the board. 1 task per board member per month. Month one research, Month two prototype and Month three action.

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