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High Ticket Marketing

Austin Weatherhead helps businesses with high ticket marketing. His firm is Incredibly, he’s 23 years old. And he’s this week’s guest on The Next 100 Days Podcast.

Austin Weatherhead,, High Ticket Marketing, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Podcast Summary

  • Austin, Graham, and Kevin had a conversation about high ticket sales and Austin’s business, Zunesty.
  • Discussed were the:
    • ideal audience for Zunesty,
    • importance of lifetime value in high ticket offers,
    • strategy of continuous email marketing with a focus on asking for the sale.

The importance of Direct Mail to HNW Investors

  • In the conversation, Austin, Graham, and Kevin discussed:
    • the importance of direct mail and physical newsletters in reaching high net worth investors.
    • tips on copywriting emails, emphasising the need for curiosity in subject lines, engaging first lines, and maintaining consistency in content.

X, The New Twitter Brand

  • Kevin, Graham, and Austin discussed various topics including the:
    • rebranding of Twitter,
    • role of social media in high ticket sales,
    • incorporation of AI in copywriting,
    • importance of video in landing pages.
    • potential of these strategies for business growth.

High Ticket Marketing Techniques

  • Austin, Graham, and Kevin discussed various high ticket marketing strategies:
    • crafting marketing videos,
    • utilising LinkedIn for B2B sales,
    • running Facebook ads for consumer sales,
    • the importance of creating engaging content such as podcasts or newsletters to build trust and attract potential clients.
  • They discussed the overwhelming nature of new technologies and tools in the business world.
  • Also highlighted was the value of AI in tasks such as generating case studies and copywriting, while acknowledging the importance of human knowledge and expertise in utilising AI effectively.

Clips from The Podcast

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Tips on Email Subject Lines

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Austin Gave This Amazing Testimonial

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Graham Arrowsmith

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Graham founded Finely Fettled to help marketers who want to market to affluent and high-net-worth customers.  He is now Host of The 2023 Alternative Investment Summit, featuring 22 providers of alternative investments. You can attend the summit for free. Register free of charge here:

Kevin Appleby

Kevin Appleby, GrowCFO, The Next 100 Days Podcast

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