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Graham and Kevin chat to Sophie Jewry The Queen of Brand.

Sophie explains the steps you should take to sense check your branding strategy. You’ll learn how important it is to get clear about why you are in business. She advises you keep asking that why question to become really clear as to why you have set up the business you have. You’ll then need to describe in lots of detail the people you want to serve, your mission and the value you’ll offer them. Where do the people you want to serve hang out? what are their interests? the newspapers or blogs they read, the music they listen to, the holidays they take, their age, gender and so on. Sense check. Businesses are full of people all with these characteristics. This description of your ideal clients will help you identify media to use to connect with them.

Sophie’s biggest take away is BE CONSISTENT. That refers to the colours you use on your business stationery and website, the fonts you use, the pictures you display. It refers to the service you offer, either offline or online. Your consistency helps you to create identity, generalisations (automated learned connections like we all learn, for instance when learning how to open a door) and most importantly those emotional connections to your brand.

Sophie mentions a good read that will help you make your brand “stick”. It’s called Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath available from Amazon UK and Amazon USA

You can find out more about Sophie by googling Sophie Jewry The Queen of Brand, or Brand Kitchen or by visiting