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B2B Sales with Wayne Moloney

Wayne Moloney is an expert in B2B Sales. So, what do you really want from an expert? The answer is, to share your expertise simply. He’s doing that with his novel all about a complex B2B Sales situation. Yes, a novel. It’s called: The Wentworth Prospect.

Wayne Moloney, B2B Sales, The Next 100 Days Podcast

It’s Business Development, Not Sales

Wayne started his career as an engineer. He soon realised that wasn’t for him. So, he got into sales. And now an author. Previously, he wrote a book about sales management. Why? Because he’d been thrown into sales management. You know, managing people. The damned hard thing.

He’d been a young successful salesman but became a rubbish sales manager. Not the first, not the last!

Wayne Moloney, Road Map to Sales Management, The Next 100 Days Podcast





Wayne also wrote a book on the basics of B2B Sales. That’s because he got annoyed by other books suggesting there is a silver bullet.

Achieving Sales Success, B2B Sales, Wayne Moloney, The Next 100 Days Podcast

What has been Wayne’s Career Passion?

So, Wayne wrote The Wentworth Prospect. Moreover, the story featured a heroine. Why a female character? Wayne explained, that females are still under-represented in sales. Surprisingly, females tend to be more successful than men. Interestingly, they tend to be more empathetic. Additionally, they are keener to discover what is happening in a situation.

Wayne Moloney, The Next 100 Days Podcast, The Wentworth Prospect, B2B Sales

Why Did You Write a B2B Sales Story?

Wayne shared the first 3 chapters of The Wentworth Prospect:

Download the first 3 chapters

Is it Hard to Get Your Head Around the Book?


What are Lean Sales?

Wayne also spoke about ‘lean sales’. It means,

  • to reduce waste
  • add value
  • continual improvement

How much waste have you got? Start with your unqualified pipelines.


Wayne Moloney Provides The Next 100 Days Podcast with a Testimonial


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