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Ren Sguario (pronounced Squar-io) is the founder and CEO of Maxme, who are leading the charge to upskill people for the future of work.

Renata Sguario, Maxme, The Future of Work, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Summary of the Podcast

Introduction to Maxme

  • Ren discusses how her company MaxMe focuses on developing self-awareness as the foundation for emotional intelligence and human skills training.
  • She emphasises understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses to maximise potential.

MaxMe approach to skills development 

  • Ren explains MaxMe’s hybrid learning model using gamified tech and human coaching to scale skills development affordably.
  • Self-paced learning alone proves ineffective, so MaxMe injects social elements and accountability.

Building high-performing teams through understanding strengths

  • Ren stresses understanding one’s strengths and leveraging diversity of strengths in teams yields far better results than forcing weaknesses into strengths.
  • This allows focusing energy most productively.

Expanding globally with a focus on India

  • Ren expresses passion for India’s potential.
  • Her aim is to establish MaxMe there to develop crucial human skills she observes lacking despite capabilities.
  • India’s growing influence demands this for sustainable success.

Changing workplace culture through emotional intelligence 

  • Ren argues traditional diversity training proves ineffective and culture changes occur when all demonstrate emotional intelligence.
  • Instead, she encourages accepting different perspectives respectfully and without bias.
  • MaxMe culture-shifts this way.

Recap and next steps

  • Graham and Kevin appreciate Ren’s insights and MaxMe’s mission.
  • Ren thanks them for the engaging discussion and for spreading MaxMe’s message of empowering human potential through understanding oneself and collaborating complementarily.

Clips from the Podcast

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Testimonial from Ren

Contact Maxme

Visit: Maxme

Renata Sguario, Maxme, The Future of Work, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Maximise Human Potential

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Graham Arrowsmith, Co-Host, The Next 100 Days Podcast

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Kevin Appleby, Co-Host, The Next 100 Days Podcast

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