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Industrial Real Estate Investing

Irwin Boris is an expert in industrial real estate investing. Based in New Jersey, US he invests in industrial or commercial real estate.

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Summary of the Podcast

Introduction and background on Heritage Group Capital

  • Irwin Boris introduced Heritage Group Capital, a multi-generational family office turned industrial real estate investing firm.
  • Starting with apartments, they shifted focus to industrial properties for stability.
  • They own 9,000 units across the US through strategic acquisitions and active management.

Industrial real estate investing strategy and philosophy

  • Heritage Group Capital focuses on smaller industrial/flex properties.
  • They do this in secondary markets near major highways and workforce centres.
  • Irwin explained they seek stable cash flow over appreciation.
  • Heritage has maintained 35-40% equity to weather downturns.
  • Diversification across tenants and staggered lease expirations mitigates risk.

Risk management and deal structuring

  • Irwin discussed mitigating single tenant risk through location stickiness.
  • Heritage Group Capital takes a conservative approach, limiting leverage to 55% and always hedging interest rates.
  • Returns target 9-10% annually from cash flow with tax benefits, prioritising stable income over grand slams.


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Irwin Provided this Testimonial

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