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Yavica provides visionary real estate companies with a platform to innovate the industry. This week’s guest is David Oates, who is now Chief Revenue Officer of Yavica. He has a particular passion for the Commercial Real Estate market. David is focused on helping propetech companies achieve their goals and create sustainable growth.

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Summary of the Podcast


  • David joins the podcast to discuss Yavica’s commercial real estate software.
  • He explains the industry challenges with legacy systems as Graham and Kevin question him.

Commercial real estate software systems

  • David outlines the real estate lifecycle and how property management systems help with financial processes like leasing, payments and accounting.
  • Legacy systems are inflexible while Yavica integrates with Microsoft Dynamics.

Yavica and disruptive technology

  • By integrating Dynamics, Yavica aims to disrupt legacy providers and future-proof clients.
  • Growth relies on referrals but David wants accelerated strategies as competitors slowly adapt.

Future opportunities with AI

  • David believes AI can streamline implementations by configuring processes automatically.
  • Graham challenges shrinking deployment times to undermine arguments against rapid changes.

Marketing strategy difficulties

  • Graham advocates segmented campaigns around cost-savings and profits to convince decision-makers.
  • David admits reliance on referrals and seeks radical plans to identify visionary clients.

Transforming business processes

  • David explains implementations analyse each process and map workflows into the new system.
  • Streamlining yields long-term savings but slows deployments, hampering disruptive potential.

Implementation challenges and time savings

  • David argues processes are complex while Graham targets “Doris and Mavis.”
  • Kevin recalls streamlining a firm’s processes through a shared service.
  • David ponders AI-aided rapid transformations.

Conclusion and next steps

  • Graham urges David to aggressively solve the problem of long deployment times with a “samurai squad.”
  • David is energised by the challenge to disrupt through radical strategies and tactics.

Clips From the Podcast

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David’s Testimonial

David was maligned on the podcast as a result of him being Lancastrian and a Man City fan (but oddly we actually quite liked him). Despite this, if you’d like to submit a complaint, please write to

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