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Leadership & Culture

Shane Michael Hatton is a 2x Author and global expert on Leadership & Culture.

He has spent the last decade developing remarkable leaders and teams by helping them connect, and collaborate more effectively. Shane has been published in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Australian, HRD, and CEO World, among other publications.

What’s interesting is he has moved to the UK, lives in Notting Hill currently, and is attracting new clients. He is another Jenny Stilwell introduction. She knows everyone, hence the Harry Pilkington joke to introduce him!

Shane Hatton, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Leadership & Culture, Australia

Summary of the Podcast

  • It’s all about leadership & culture!
  • Graham and Kevin discuss culture and leadership with their guest Shane Hatton.
  • Shane explains how culture exists whenever people come together and is shaped by behaviours over time.
  • Leaders must align teams around shared goals while respecting individual differences.

Clips from the Podcast

An Eclectic Background

Why Invite Shane to Your Business?

We’re all basket cases to a point…!


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An Interesting Time With Leadership & Culture


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What is DEI?


Helps You Get The Culture You Want

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Challenge Your Cultural Norms

Shane Hatton Leaves This Testimonial for The Next 100 Days Podcast


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The Next 100 Days Podcast Co-Hosts

Graham Arrowsmith

Graham Arrowsmith, Headshot, Co-host, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Graham is “The High Net Worth Data Guy” who founded Finely Fettled to help business owners and marketers market to affluent and high-net-worth customers.¬† Now get all-inclusive affluent direct mail campaigns combining A lister copy, design, print and postage for ¬£599+vat, without the DIY hassle. Find Graham on LinkedIn.

Kevin Appleby

Kevin Appleby, Headshot, Co-host, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Kevin specialises in finance transformation and implementing business change. He’s the COO of GrowCFO, which provides both community and CPD-accredited training designed to grow the next generation of finance leaders. You can find Kevin on LinkedIn¬†and at