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David White – A Pioneer of Digital Marketing Joins The Next 100 Days Podcast

David White discusses how to redefine customer service to attract and retain new clients.

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He is the founder and CEO of David White Consulting and focuses on end user experience.

David White is also Editor in Chief of Who’s Who.

One of the stories David told involved the BAT building in Woking – which by complete coincidence was the building Graham started his career from in 1981. (He worked for British American Tobacco). It is called Export House. David blagged himself an office to to a deal with a German firm. The building probably looked nicer in 1984 (the year of David’s story).

Export House, Woking, British American Tobacco, David White

Graham mentioned a hotel he was put up in as he learnt to become a BAT salesman. From memory, it was in fact a house that Charlie Chaplin had owned. The house was in Frimley Green, near Guildford.


David talked about his training at Xerox.

There he learned MAN. Money Authority Need. You need all 3 for a sale.

The internet was similar to going through databases, which David was familiar with. He noted the connection between a microprocessor was to search engine optimisation. Yes or no. Binary. He got comfortable with database marketing.

His first client at Weboptimiser was Bayer Pharmaceuticals. He saw the links between microprocessing and databases and search engine optimisation. David wrote a guide and became a trainer and project manager in this emerging field of SEO.

David White managed to get Bayer to the TOP of the rankings. What did he do?

  • Agree with the client what were the keywords they wanted to be listed under. Additionally, he procured a couple of Translation Services Singapore to understand perspicuously if the keywords had the same impact in other languages also.
  • Understand who their target market was, so they could attempt to get listed in a part of the directory that was appropriate for their target market.
  • Then look at that directory to see what we were competing against.
  • Organise the website pages so the content and keywords were delivered in a readable format.

It was digging stuff out of their content management system

  • use keywords in Alt Tags
  • place keywords in the title of pages
  • add keywords to the opening sentence
  • also within body content

There was no real rocket science to it.

Weboptimiser was possibly the FIRST digital marketing agency, certainly in London. They owned that space.

Use Customer Service to ATTRACT and RETAIN New Clients

Making them number 1, does not guarantee a return on investment. A lot of companies had branding websites. No chance of getting an ROI.

When you are number one, what will you do with that traffic? What will you GIVE them? That then converts into sale.

David White – the 3 Things He would Advise

  1. Think in terms of groups of people. Gary Halbert’s ‘hungry crowd’
  2. The worst number in marketing is number one. Never be dependent on one product, one way to sell, one channel, because if that one thing goes wrong, one change in law, vat, you can be caught out. It is anti-number one. If your one client goes away, it can cause you difficulty.
  3. Focus on the money. There will always be things you get asked to become involved in. RESIST them.

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