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Midlife Unstuck

Her website is Midlife Unstuck. She’s a midlifer, who’s seen several career changes. Northern Irish, she’s moved around a bit too. Lucia has helped individuals to find similar jobs, in different companies. And she has helped perfect new board members for growing companies.

Equipped with a Psychology MSc., Lucia now combines head-hunting, management, coaching and psychology. All to help to help other midlifers find a career that fits and feels much better than their current work.

Lucia Knight, Midlife Unstuck, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Summary of the Podcast

Monetising The Next 100 Days Podcast

  • Lucia and Kevin discuss how the podcast they co-host, “The Next 100 Days”, was originally not intended to be monetised
  • Kevin suggests it is being monetised by accident.
  • They reflect on the journey of the podcast over the past 9 years.

Emotional Impact of the Midlife Unstuck


  • The group discusses how the podcast has had an emotional impact on them.
  • Graham and Lucia share that there have been episodes that were deeply moving.
  • Best thing to do then is “shut up and let the person talk.”
  • They reflect on how the stories shared on the podcast can be very powerful.

Lucia’s Background

  • Lucia shares the pivotal moment that led her to pursue a Masters in Psychology.
  • Her career shifted to helping people in mid-life make career changes.
  • She describes her own experience of feeling unfulfilled in her previous corporate role.


  • Lucia explains her approach to helping clients identify their unique superpowers.
  • All this to design a career that allows them to use those strengths.
  • And to solve problems that excite them, while also earning enough money to live the life they want.
  • She walks through the key steps in this process.

Navigating Career Transitions During Challenging Times

  • Kevin shares his own experience of being made redundant during the financial crisis.
  • The need for financial security impacted his ability to make a more deliberate career transition at that time.
  • Lucia explains how she approaches working with clients who are in “survival mode” due to financial pressures.

Midlife Unstuck – The Brand

  • Lucia discusses the intentional design of her Midlife Unstuck brand and website.
  • She has a slightly distorted logo that is meant to make people pause and reflect.
  • Lucia explains how this ties into her approach of helping clients see things from a new perspective.

Career Design for Young People

  • Lucia shares her passion for bringing career design and happiness insights to young people.
  • These range from high school students, who she believes are not getting enough exposure to these important topics.

Clips from the Podcast

Before the show, Graham created this Image for Lucia’s business using DALL:E

Lucia Knight, Midlife Unstuck, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Later Life Career Change Using DALL: E

But don’t look at the fingers!


Lucia Helps People Move Careers


How Does She Attract People?


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